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Version is a 4.13 LTS release adding almost 200 new features, enhancements and fixes since 4.12.

Apache CloudStack is a 4.13 LTS release nearly 200 new features, enhancements and fixes since 4.12, such as enhanced hypervisor support, performance increases and more user configurable controls. Highlights include:

  • Supporting configuration of virtualised appliances
  • VMware 6.7 support
  • Increased granularity & control of instance deployment
  • Improvements in system VM performance
  • Allow live migration of DPDK enabled instances
  • More flexible UI branding
  • Allowing users to create layer 2 network offerings

The full list of new features can be found in the project release notes at http://docs.cloudstack.apache.org/en/

Apache CloudStack powers numerous elastic Cloud computing services, including solutions that have ranked as Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders. Highlighted in the Forrester Q4 2017 Enterprise Open Source Cloud Adoption report, Apache CloudStack “sits beneath hundreds of service provider clouds”, including Fortune 5 multinational corporations. A list of known Apache CloudStack users are available at http://cloudstack.apache.org/users.html