What’s New in

Apache CloudStack is a 4.14 LTS release with over 15 major new features, and over 200 enhancements and fixes since 4.13. Highlights include:

  • New modern UI (Project Primate, Technical preview)
  • Backup and Recovery framework
  • Backup and Recovery Provider for Veeam
  • VM ingestion
  • L2 network PVLAN enhancements
  • CloudStack Kubernetes Service
  • UEFI support
  • KVM rolling maintenance
  • Enable Direct Download for systemVM templates
  • VR health checks
  • Download logs and diagnostics data from SSVM/CPVM/VRs
  • Enable additional configuration metadata to virtual machines

The full list of new features can be found in the project release notes at http://docs.cloudstack.apache.org/en/


This version of CloudStack allows control over the visibility of the DNS services provided by the Virtual Router in Shared networks. By default CloudStack allows DNS queries via the Guest interface from any IP address. This allows for the DNS resolution of guest VMs on the Shared network by services outside of the shared network. While this can be useful, it can also be an issue on Shared Networks which are using Internet routable/public (i.e. non-RFC1918) IP addresses, as the DNS service is then queriable from the public internet at large. A new global setting “expose.dns.externally” has been added (with a default value of “true” in order to keep backward compatibility) which controls whether the source of DNS queries should be limited to only hosts on the Shared Network guest subnet or not. If you wish to disable ‘outside’ access to the DNS services running on Virtual Routers; set the value to “false” and recreate the related Virtual Routers.

Apache CloudStack powers numerous elastic Cloud computing services, including solutions that have ranked as Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders. Highlighted in the Forrester Q4 2017 Enterprise Open Source Cloud Adoption report, Apache CloudStack “sits beneath hundreds of service provider clouds”, including Fortune 5 multinational corporations. A list of known Apache CloudStack users are available at http://cloudstack.apache.org/users.html

Libvirt Python Dependency on KVM and CentOS

For CentOS users using the security groups feature on KVM it is needed to install the epel-release and python36-libvirt packages.

New User Interface & Depreciation notice of existing UI

Cloudstack 4.14 ships with a Technical Preview of a new, modern User Interface (project Primate). This technical preview can be used by users & operators of Cloudstack environments for evaluation & testing purposes. With version 4.14, the existing UI remains the supported UI for production environments. However, with the 4.14 release, the Apache Cloudstack community will stop taking feature requests for new functionality in the existing UI. All new functionality will be developed against the new UI.

The next LTS release (likely to be version 4.15) of Apache Cloudstack will ship with the production release of the new UI. It will also be the last version of CloudStack to ship with the old UI. This release will also have the final deprecation notice for the old UI.

In the following release (likely to be 4.16), the old UI will be deprecated.

Please see Primate install guide