What’s New in

Apache CloudStack is a 4.16 LTS release with over 22 major new features, and over 244 enhancements and fixes since 4.15. Highlights include:

  • System VM Template improvements
  • CKS Support for Cluster Autoscaling
  • Dell EMC VxFlex integration
  • Linstor Volume Plugin integration
  • Support for OpenSuse
  • Support for Rocky Linux
  • Granular control of dynamic scaling of VM’s CPU/RAM
  • Comments in the UI
  • Resource Icons
  • Bulk actions through the UI
  • UI for VM Ingestion
  • L2 Networks Persistent modern
  • Script cloudstack-setup-databases improvement
  • Add mac learning mode in network offering
  • API-call to declare host as Degraded
  • New API endpoint to update pod management network IP range
  • Add New API endpoint: UpdateVlanIpRange

The full list of new features can be found in the project release notes at https://docs.cloudstack.apache.org/en/

Legacy UI Removal Notice

The legacy UI was deprecated with Apache CloudStack 4.15 release and with 4.16 release the legacy UI has been removed. Users are encouraged to implement a migration path in their production environments.