Getting Help

Need some help getting started? Feel free to ask on the mailing list:

  • users@: This list is for users of CloudStack to seek and provide support. This is a moderately high volume list.

  • dev@: Where discussions about development and the project itself happen. This is a high volume list.

Documentation Available

The following guides are available:

  • CloudStack Concepts and Terminology

  • Quick Installation Guide

  • Installation Guide

  • Upgradong CloudStack

  • Usage Guide

  • Developers Guide

  • Plugins Guide

  • Release Notes

All at


O'Reilly 60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack Apache CloudStack Cloud Computing CloudStack徹底入門 大型本 CloudStack実践ガイド[前編]

Commercial support

Some companies offer commercial support for Apache CloudStack or their own product based on CloudStack.