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Issues Fixed in 4.11

Apache CloudStack uses Jira to track its issues and Github for pull requests. All new features and bugs for have been merged through Github pull requests. A subset of these changes are tracked in Jira, which have a standard naming convention of “CLOUDSTACK-NNNN” where “NNNN” is the issue number.

Issues Fixed in

Branches Github Jira Type Priority Description
4.11 #2712       reuse ip for non redundant VPC
4.11 #2714       send unsupported answer only when applicable
4.11 #2715       smoketest: Fix test_vm_life_cycle secure migration tests
4.11 #2493 CLOUDSTACK-10326 Bug Major Prevent hosts fall into Maintenance when there are running VMs on it
4.11 #2716       configdrive: make fewer mountpoints on hosts
4.11 #2681       Source NAT option on Private Gateway
4.11 #2670       Removing an old, unused NetApp plug-in
4.11 #2710       comply with api key constraint
4.11 #2699       remove old config artifacts from update path
4.11 #2705 CLOUDSTACK-10381 Bug Blocker [ConfigDrive] Password is missing after reset password sequence
4.11 #2704       ui: fix create VPC dialog box failure when zone is SG enabled
4.11 #2693       Fix to enable Advanced zones with Security groups and VXLAN isolation type
4.11 #2697       agent: Avoid sudo, renew certificates assuming root
4.11 #2686       Fixes #2685: broken SXM support
4.11 #2696       Fix LibvirtStorageAdaptor.java
4.11 #2683       Add default L2 network offerings
4.11 #2694       Do not send conserve mode param on L2 network offering creation from the UI
4.11 #2688 CLOUDSTACK-10382 Bug Major [ConfigDrive] cloud-get-vm-data-configdrive.in is incorrect
4.11 #2672 CLOUDSTACK-10377 Bug Major Nuage VSP regression fails in NetworksWithCleanup test since introduction of fix for CLOUDSTACK-9114 in ACS 4.11&master
4.11 #2674       Create unit test cases for ‘ConfigDriveBuilder’ class
4.11 #2673       Fix test_configdrive.py and test_nuage_configdrive
4.11 #2676       Fix two typos (from uanble to unable).
4.11 #2669       conditional template filter
4.11 #2664       revert dedicate vlan code removal
4.11 #2663       server: Calculate fresh capacity per VM
4.11 #2667 CLOUDSTACK-10375 Bug Minor Do not create DefaultNuageVspSharedNetworkOfferingWithSGService
4.11 #2661       Make uploadSslCert a POST request instead of a GET
4.11 #2639 CLOUDSTACK-10276 Bug Major View volumes from primary storage not working when storage UUID is not a UUID
4.11 #2653       Generate MAC address if the MAC in command addNicToVirtualMachine is invalid
4.11 #2656       Only perform certain actions here with managed storage if the VM is s?
4.11 #2651 CLOUDSTACK-10290 Bug Major Config drive - only supported for secondary storage
4.11 #2473 CLOUDSTACK-10309 Improvement Minor VMs with HA enabled, power back on if shutdown from guest OS
4.11 #2655       Handle Ceph.
4.11 #2630       Host Affinity plugin
4.11 #2652       Fix register iso in all zones
4.11 #2629       Fix primary storage count when deleting volumes
4.11 #2638       agent: Fixes #2633 don’t wait for pending tasks on reconnection
4.11 #2645       config-drive: use hostname of VM instance of internal VM id
4.11 #2646       Don’t skip tests while packaging Centos7
4.11 #2635       router: Fixes #2544 run passwd server on dhcpserver IP on rVR
4.11 #2634 CLOUDSTACK-9184 Bug Major [VMware] vmware.ports.per.dvportgroup global setting is not useful from vCenter 5.0 onwards
4.11 #2508 CLOUDSTACK-9114 Improvement Major restartnetwork with cleanup should not update/restart both routers at once
4.11 #2584       Enhance and cleanup DatabaseUpgradeChecker
4.11 #2600 CLOUDSTACK-10362 Improvement Major Inconsistent method names
4.11 #2627       Catch error in packagin script and fail the build
4.11 #2615       config-drive: support user data on L2 networks
4.11 #2632       listostypes: Fixes #2529 return boolean than string in response
4.11 #2621       Backports for 4.11 branch
4.11 #2619       Remove “self-injection” of AccountManagerImpl
4.11 #2607       Allow changing disk offering of VMs’ root volume during volume migration
4.11 #2626       bionic: allow Ubuntu 18.04 to be added as KVM host
4.11 #2623       fixes #2611
4.11 #2628       Create upgrade path from to
4.11 #2612       [migrateVolume API method] Filter disk offerings based on target storage pool selected
4.11 #1940 CLOUDSTACK-9781 Bug Major ACS records ID in events tables instead of UUID.
4.11 #2608       API: move ostypeid from DB id to DB uuid
4.9* #2471 CLOUDSTACK-10311 Improvement Major Agent Log Rotate variable replace bug
4.11 #2606       When creating a new account (via domain admin) it is possible to select ?root admin? as the role for the new user
4.11 #2601 CLOUDSTACK-10364 Improvement Major Inconsiste “setXXX” method names.
4.11 #2599 CLOUDSTACK-10363 Improvement Major Inconsistent “getXXX” and “listXXX” method names.
4.11 #2598 CLOUDSTACK-10360 Improvement Major Inconsistent method name
4.11 #2605       xenserver: Add support for XS 7.3, 7.4 and XCP-ng 7.4
4.11 #2428 CLOUDSTACK-10253 Bug Minor JSON response returns boolean as string
4.11 #2536       fix typo c&p bug in externalId feature UI
4.11 #2486 CLOUDSTACK-10323 Improvement Major Change disk offering when volume is migrated to different type of storage pool.
4.11 #2422 CLOUDSTACK-10254 Improvement Major Require checkstyle to verify package names against directory structure
4.11 #2566 CLOUDSTACK-10288 Bug Major Config drive - Usedata corruption when gzipped
4.11 #2573 CLOUDSTACK-10356 Bug Major Fix Some Potential NPE
4.11 #2412 CLOUDSTACK-9677 Improvement Major Swift Storage Policy support for Secondary Storage
4.11 #2594       Remove ‘NetworkManagerTestComponentLibrary’ empty class and related configurations
4.11 #2597       UpdateUserCmd: apiSecretKey refers to itself
4.11 #2498 CLOUDSTACK-10327 Bug Critical SSO fails with error “Session Expired”, except for root admin
4.11 #2591 CLOUDSTACK-10359 Improvement Major Inconsistent method names
4.11 #2590       network: Fix security groups for CentOS
4.11 #2582       cs-45to411-ugrade-fix: database errors during upgrade to 4.11
4.11 #2577       Prevent NPE if guest OS mapping is missing while prioritizing hosts
4.11 #2579       router: fix routing table for marked packets
4.11 #2589       Remove packaging job from pull request template
4.11 #2588       capacity: remove unused threadpool
4.11 #2505 CLOUDSTACK-10333 Improvement Major Secure VM Live migration for KVM
4.11 #2580 CLOUDSTACK-10357 Improvement Minor Log messages that do not match with their method function
4.11 #2587       Remove empty VPN test class
4.11 #2586       Use double quotes with ‘RROUTER’ variable in “common.sh” script
4.11 #2576       Fix Python code checkstyle execute by “systemvmtestruntests.sh”
4.11 #2562       consoleproxy: use consoleproxy.domain for non-ssl enable env
4.11 #2554       agent: Add logging to libvirt qemu hook and cleanup
4.11 #2511 CLOUDSTACK-10344 Bug Major Sometimes a bug happens when moving ACL rules (changing their order with drag and drop)
4.11 #2572       Remove ‘todb’ in favor of ‘encodeURIComponent’.
4.11 #2553       Update inconsistent debugging info in catch block
4.11 #2499       Updates to capacity management
4.11 #2570       Improve README
4.11 #2568       Log command output in CsHelper.execute command
4.11 #2559       Upgrade path 4.11 through 4.11.1 to 4.12
4.11 #2567       [Vmware] Fix for OVF parsing error
4.11 #2563 CLOUDSTACK-10304 Bug Major SystemVM - Apache Web Server Version Number Information Disclosure
4.11 #2555       Remove ‘md5Hashed’ variable from Javascript.
4.11 #2390 CLOUDSTACK-10214 Bug Major Unable to remove local primary storage
4.11 #2564       [Docs] Fix URL error from installation instructions
4.11 #2557       Add “Fixes: number” to PR template for auto-closing issues
4.11 #2404 CLOUDSTACK-10230 Bug Critical User is able to change to ?Guest OS type? that has been removed
4.11 #2550       debian: Use only -l for libvirtd default file on debian
4.11 #2560       ui: Make zonal dashboard larger
4.11 #2401 CLOUDSTACK-10226 Bug Major CloudStack is not importing Local storage properly
4.11 #2462 CLOUDSTACK-10301 Bug Major Allow updating the network ACL list name and Description
4.11 #2490       Create database upgrade from to & VMWare version to OS mappings
4.11 #2538       Remove deprecated tomcat configuration file instead of moving it
4.11 #2517       manual mapped ldap fix
4.11 #2552       debian: remove old usage jars during upgrade
4.11 #2535       Create an easy way to enable Java remote Debug for ACS
4.11 #2526       add issue template for github issues
4.11 #2522       indicate scope of tests in checklist
4.11 #2519 CLOUDSTACK-10287 Bug Major Make el7 rpms to depend on OpenJDK8
4.11 #2520       make Broadcast- and IsolationURI visible to admin
4.11 #2515       Fix Successfully typo
4.11 #2414 CLOUDSTACK-10241 Bug Major Duplicated file SRs being created in XenServer pools
4.11 #2512       Only use the host if its Resource State is Enabled.
4.11 #2492       Fix the name of the column used to hold IPv4 range in ‘vlan’ table.
4.11 #2496 CLOUDSTACK-10332 Enhancement Major Users are not able to change/edit the protocol of an ACL rule
4.11 #2449 CLOUDSTACK-10278 Bug Major Adding a SQL table column is not Idempotent
4.11 #2510 CLOUDSTACK-10334 Improvement Major Inadequate information for handling catch clauses
4.11 #2506 CLOUDSTACK-10341 Task Major Systemvmtemplate 4.11 changes
4.11 #2513 CLOUDSTACK-10227 Bug Blocker Stabilization fixes for master/4.11
4.11 #2465 CLOUDSTACK-10232 Enhancement Major SystemVMs and VR to run as HVM on XenServer
4.11 #2438 CLOUDSTACK-10307 Improvement Minor Remove unused things from HostDaoImpl
4.11 #2507 CLOUDSTACK-10319 Bug Major Prefer TLSv1.2 and deprecate TLS 1.0/1.1
4.11 #2397 CLOUDSTACK-10221 Improvement Major Allow specification of IPv6 details when creating Basic Network
4.11 #2481 CLOUDSTACK-10320 Bug Major Invalid pair for response object breaking response parsing
4.11 #2468 CLOUDSTACK-10341 Task Major Systemvmtemplate 4.11 changes
4.11 #2504 CLOUDSTACK-10340 Task Major Add setter in vminstancevo
4.11 #2497 CLOUDSTACK-10331 Bug Minor Error 404 for /client/scripts/vm_snapshots.js
4.11 #2408 CLOUDSTACK-10231 Bug Major Asserted fixes for Direct Download on KVM
4.11 #2494 CLOUDSTACK-10329 Enhancement Major Button in ACL rules page to export all rules as a CSV file
4.11 #2495       Fix typo in Packaging script
4.11 #2489 CLOUDSTACK-10330 Improvement Major Introduce a standard PULL REQUEST template
4.11 #2491       Fix “agent-lb” project
4.11 #2469 CLOUDSTACK-10132 Improvement Major Extend Multiple Management Servers Support for agents to allow sorting algorithms
4.11 #2458 CLOUDSTACK-10296 Bug Major Fix timestamp difference in heartbeat script for rVRs
4.11 #2433 CLOUDSTACK-10268 Improvement Minor Fix and enhance package script
4.11 #2387 CLOUDSTACK-8855 Bug Major Improve Error Message for Host Alert State
4.11 #2482 CLOUDSTACK-10321 Bug Major CPU Cap for KVM
4.11 #2483 CLOUDSTACK-10303 Improvement Major refactor plugins/nuagevsp tests to run from its own test_data.py file
4.11 #2442 CLOUDSTACK-10147 Bug Major Disabled Xenserver cluster can still deploy VMs
4.11 #2484       createNetworkACL: number has the wrong doc
4.11 #2475 CLOUDSTACK-10314 Improvement Minor Add Text-Field to each ACL Rule
4.11 #2485       Bump the version of Debian net-installer to 9.4.0
4.11 #2480 CLOUDSTACK-10319 Bug Major Prefer TLSv1.2 and deprecate TLS 1.0/1.1
4.11 #2470 CLOUDSTACK-10197 Bug Major XenServer 7.1: Cannot mount xentool iso from cloudstack on VMs
4.11 #2476 CLOUDSTACK-10317 Bug Minor In case of multiple-public ips, snat fails to work for addtional public nics/network for guest traffic
4.11 #2425 CLOUDSTACK-10240 Improvement Major ACS cannot migrate a volume from local to shared storage (for XenServer)
4.11 #2448 CLOUDSTACK-10274 Bug Major L2 network refused to be designed on VXLAN physical network
4.11 #2478 CLOUDSTACK-10318 Bug Major Bug on sorting ACL rules list in chrome
4.11 #2437 CLOUDSTACK-10257 Improvement Minor Create template/volume does not allow to specify HVM requirement
4.11 #2439 CLOUDSTACK-10259 Bug Minor Missing float part of secondary storage data when calculating secondary storage usage in listAccounts
4.11 #2392       dateutil: constistency of tzdate input and output
4.11 #2463 CLOUDSTACK-10302 Task Major Create database path upgrade from to
4.11 #2464 CLOUDSTACK-10299 Bug Minor Network listing return error in project mode
4.11 #2244 CLOUDSTACK-10054 Bug Major Volume download times out in 3600 seconds
4.11 #2467 CLOUDSTACK-10306 Bug Minor Update vmware dependency vim jar to 6.5 version
4.11 #2460 CLOUDSTACK-10298 Bug Major Recreation of an earlier deleted Nuage managed isolated or vpc tier network fails
4.11 #2466 CLOUDSTACK-10305 Bug Major Rare race condition in KVM migration
4.11 #2443 CLOUDSTACK-9338 Bug Major updateResourceCount not accounting resources of VMs with custom service offering
4.11 #2451 CLOUDSTACK-10284 Bug Major Creating a snapshot from VM Snapshot generates error if hypervisor is not KVM.
4.11 #2454 CLOUDSTACK-10283 Bug Major Use sudo to execute keystore setup/import for kvm agents, and fail on keystore setup failures
4.11 #2457 CLOUDSTACK-10295 Improvement Major Marvin: add support for password-enabled templates
4.11 #2456 CLOUDSTACK-10293 Bug Major Single view network ACL rules listing
4.11 #2402 CLOUDSTACK-10128 Bug Critical Template from snapshot not merging vhd files
4.11 #2432 CLOUDSTACK-10294 Improvement Major Updated code-styling and improvements to security_group.py
4.11 #2450 CLOUDSTACK-10282 Bug Major SystemVM - filrewall rules incorrect
4.11 #2452 CLOUDSTACK-10285 Bug Critical users face upgrade issues when upgrading to
4.11 #2441 CLOUDSTACK-10261 Bug Critical Nuage: Multinic: Libvirt nuage-extenstion metadata contains only one interface.
4.11 #2420 CLOUDSTACK-10247 Bug Major L2 network not shared on projects
4.11 #2424 CLOUDSTACK-10251 Bug Major HTTPS downloader for Direct Download templates failure
4.11 #2421 CLOUDSTACK-10243 Bug Major Updating metadata might hang on VR on “ip rule show”
4.11 #2406 CLOUDSTACK-9663 Improvement Trivial updateRole should return updated role as json
4.11 #2445 CLOUDSTACK-10218 Bug Major forced network update to a nuage network offering with vr fails with IllegalArgumentException
4.11 #2444 CLOUDSTACK-10269 Bug Major Allow deletion of roles without causing concurrent exception
4.11 #2405 CLOUDSTACK-10146 Bug Major Bypass Secondary Storage for KVM templates
4.11 #2398 CLOUDSTACK-10222 Bug Major Clean previous snaphosts from primary storage when taking new one
4.11 #2431 CLOUDSTACK-10225 Improvement Major Deprecate com.cloud.utils.StringUtils

Issues Fixed in

Branches Github Jira Type Priority Description
4.11 #2097 CLOUDSTACK-9813 New Feature Major Use configdrive for userdata, metadata & password
4.11 #2146 CLOUDSTACK-4757 New Feature Minor Support OVA files with multiple disks for templates
4.11 #2394 CLOUDSTACK-10109 New Feature Major Enable dedication of public IPs to SSVM and CPVM
4.11 #2295 CLOUDSTACK-10109 New Feature Major Enable dedication of public IPs to SSVM and CPVM
4.11 #2381 CLOUDSTACK-10117 New Feature Major LDAP mapping on domain level
4.11 #2368 CLOUDSTACK-10126 New Feature Major Separate Subnet for CPVM and SSVM
4.11 #2046 CLOUDSTACK-7958 New Feature Minor Limit user login to specific subnets
4.11 #2374 CLOUDSTACK-10024 New Feature Major Physical Networking Migration
4.11 #2301 CLOUDSTACK-10121 New Feature Major move user API
4.11 #2360 CLOUDSTACK-10189 New Feature Major Support for “VSD managed” networks with Nuage Networks
4.11 #2281 CLOUDSTACK-10102 New Feature Major New Network Type (L2)
4.11 #2048 CLOUDSTACK-9880 New Feature Major Expansion of Management IP Range.
4.11 #2294 CLOUDSTACK-10039 New Feature Major Adding IOPS/GB offering
4.11 #2356 CLOUDSTACK-8313 New Feature Major Local Storage overprovisioning should be possible
4.11 #2028 CLOUDSTACK-9853 New Feature Major IPv6 Prefix Delegation support in Basic Networking
4.11 #1981 CLOUDSTACK-9806 New Feature Major Nuage domain template selection per VPC
4.11 #2325 CLOUDSTACK-9998 New Feature Major CloudStack exporter for Prometheus
4.11 #2284 CLOUDSTACK-10103 New Feature Major Cloudian Connector for CloudStack
4.11 #2297 CLOUDSTACK-9957 New Feature Major Annotations on entities
4.11 #2181 CLOUDSTACK-9957 New Feature Major Annotations on entities
4.11 #2286 CLOUDSTACK-9993 New Feature Major Secure Agent Communications
4.11 #2287 CLOUDSTACK-9998 New Feature Major CloudStack exporter for Prometheus
4.11 #2278 CLOUDSTACK-9993 New Feature Major Secure Agent Communications
4.11 #1707 CLOUDSTACK-9397 New Feature Major Add Watchdog timer to KVM Instances
4.11 #2143 CLOUDSTACK-9949 New Feature Minor add ability to specify mac address when deployVirtualMachine or addNicToVirtualMachine is called
4.11 #2256 CLOUDSTACK-9782 New Feature Major Host HA
4.11 #2239 CLOUDSTACK-9993 New Feature Major Secure Agent Communications
4.11 #2222 CLOUDSTACK-10022 New Feature Minor Allow domain admin to create and delete subdomains
4.11 #2026 CLOUDSTACK-9861 New Feature Major Expire VM snapshots after configured duration
4.11 #2218 CLOUDSTACK-9782 New Feature Major Host HA
4.11* #2407 CLOUDSTACK-10227 Bug Blocker Stabilization fixes for master/4.11
4.11 #2403 CLOUDSTACK-10227 Bug Blocker Stabilization fixes for master/4.11
4.11 #2396 CLOUDSTACK-10220 Bug Major IPv4 NIC alias is not added on Virtual Router in Basic Networking when NIC has IPv6 address
4.11 #2362 CLOUDSTACK-10188 Bug Major Resource Accounting for primary storage is Broken
4.11 #2393 CLOUDSTACK-10217 Bug Major When IPv4 address of Instance is updated DHCP data is not cleared on VR
4.11 #2388 CLOUDSTACK-10212 Bug Major Changing IPv4 Address of NIC in Basic Networking does not update the gateway
4.11 #2379 CLOUDSTACK-10146 Bug Major Bypass Secondary Storage for KVM templates
4.11 #2391 CLOUDSTACK-10215 Bug Major Excessive log4j debug level in CPVM, SSVM could lead to FS overflow
4.11 #2139 CLOUDSTACK-9921 Bug Major NPE when garbage collector is running
4.11 #2088 CLOUDSTACK-9892 Bug Critical Primary storage resource check is broken when using root disk size override to deploy VM
4.11 #2365 CLOUDSTACK-10197 Bug Major XenServer 7.1: Cannot mount xentool iso from cloudstack on VMs
4.11 #2073 CLOUDSTACK-9896 Bug Minor ListDedicatedXXX doesn’t respect pagination
4.11 #2386 CLOUDSTACK-9632 Bug Major Upgrade bountycastle to 1.55+
4.11 #2315 CLOUDSTACK-9025 Bug Critical Unable to deploy VM instance from template if template spin from linked clone snapshot
4.11 #2274 CLOUDSTACK-10096 Bug Major Can’t reset api.integration.port and usage.sanity.check.interval back to null
4.11 #2282 CLOUDSTACK-10104 Bug Major Optimize database transactions in ListDomain API to improve performance
4.11 #2385 CLOUDSTACK-10211 Bug Major test_nuage_public_sharednetwork_userdata fails due to errortext changed
4.11 #2260 CLOUDSTACK-10065 Bug Major Optimize SQL queries in listTemplate API to improve performance.
4.11 #1740 CLOUDSTACK-9572 Bug Major Snapshot on primary storage not cleaned up after Storage migration
4.11 #2104 CLOUDSTACK-9908 Bug Major Primary Storage allocated capacity goes very high after VM snapshot
4.11 #2378 CLOUDSTACK-10205 Bug Major LinkDomainToLdap returns internal id
4.11 #1773 CLOUDSTACK-9607 Bug Major Preventing template deletion when template is in use.
4.11 #2149 CLOUDSTACK-9932 Bug Major Snapshot is getting deleted while volume creation from the snapshot is in progress
4.11 #2156 CLOUDSTACK-9971 Bug Minor Bugfix/listaccounts parameter consistency
4.11 #2373 CLOUDSTACK-10202 Bug Major createSnapshotPolicy API create multiple entries in DB for same volume.
4.11 #2344 CLOUDSTACK-10163 Bug Major Component tests health check
4.11 #1760 CLOUDSTACK-9593 Bug Major User data check is inconsistent with python
4.11 #2352 CLOUDSTACK-10175 Bug Major Listing VPCs with a domain account and project id -1 returns all the VPCs in the syste
4.11 #2347 CLOUDSTACK-10166 Bug Minor Cannot add a tag to a NetworkACL (rule not list) in CS with a user in a project or in an account
4.11 #2375 CLOUDSTACK-9456 Bug Major Migrate master to use Java8 and Spring4
4.11 #2211 CLOUDSTACK-10013 Bug Major Migrate to Debian9 systemvmtemplate
4.9* #2304 CLOUDSTACK-10127 Bug Critical 4.9 / 4.10 KVM + openvswitch + vpc + static nat / secondary ip on eth2
4.11 #2208 CLOUDSTACK-9542 Bug Major listNics API does not return data as per API documentation
4.11 #2351 CLOUDSTACK-10173 Bug Major Guest/Public nics on VR should pick network rate from network offering
4.11 #2370 CLOUDSTACK-9595 Bug Major Transactions are not getting retried in case of database deadlock errors
4.11 #2366 CLOUDSTACK-10168 Bug Major VR duplicate entries in /etc/hosts when reusing VM name
4.11 #2042 CLOUDSTACK-9875 Bug Major Unable to re-apply Explicit dedication to VM
4.11 #2364 CLOUDSTACK-10195 Bug Minor CloudStack MySQL HA problem – No database selected
4.11 #2361 CLOUDSTACK-10190 Bug Major Duplicate public VLAN for two different admin accounts.
4.11 #2247 CLOUDSTACK-10012 Bug Major Migrate to Embedded Jetty based mgmt server
4.11 #1964 CLOUDSTACK-9800 Bug Major Enable inline mode for NetScaler device
4.11 #1762 CLOUDSTACK-9595 Bug Major Transactions are not getting retried in case of database deadlock errors
4.11 #2308 CLOUDSTACK-8908 Bug Major After copying the template charging for that template is stopped
4.11 #2354 CLOUDSTACK-10176 Bug Major VM Start Api Job returns success for failed Job
4.11 #2353 CLOUDSTACK-9986 Bug Major Consider overcommit ratios with total/threshold values in Metrics View
4.11 #2358 CLOUDSTACK-9736 Bug Minor Incoherent validation and error message when you change the vm.password.length configuration parameter
4.11 #2326 CLOUDSTACK-10184 Bug Major Re-work method QuotaResponseBuilderImpl.startOfNextDay and its test cases
4.11 #2267 CLOUDSTACK-10077 Bug Major Allow account to use the same site-2-site VPN gateway with different configs for several VPCs
4.11 #2337 CLOUDSTACK-10157 Bug Major Wrong notification while migration
4.11 #2355 CLOUDSTACK-10177 Bug Major NPE when programming Security Groups with KVM
4.11 #2349 CLOUDSTACK-10070 Bug Major Extend travis run to include more component tests
4.11 #2312 CLOUDSTACK-7793 Bug Critical [Snapshots]Create Snaphot with “quiesce” option set to true fails with “InvalidParameterValueException: can’t handle quiescevm equal true for volume snapshot”
4.11 #2345 CLOUDSTACK-10164 Bug Blocker UI - not able to create a VPC
4.11 #2263 CLOUDSTACK-10070 Bug Major Extend travis run to include more component tests
4.11 #2342 CLOUDSTACK-9586 Bug Critical When using local storage with Xenserver prepareTemplate does not work with multiple primary store
4.11 #2124 CLOUDSTACK-9432 Bug Critical Dedicate Cluster to Domain always creates an affinity group owned by the root domain
4.11 #2322 CLOUDSTACK-10140 Bug Critical When template is created from snapshot template.properties are corrupted
4.11 #2335 CLOUDSTACK-10154 Bug Major test failures in smoketest
4.11 #2341 CLOUDSTACK-10160 Bug Major KVM VirtIO-SCSI not defined properly in Libvirt XML
4.11 #2321 CLOUDSTACK-10138 Bug Major Load br_netfilter in security_group management script
4.11 #2334 CLOUDSTACK-10152 Bug Major egress destination cidr with is failing
4.11 #2310 CLOUDSTACK-10133 Bug Major Local storage overprovisioning for ext file system
4.11 #2303 CLOUDSTACK-10123 Bug Major VmWork job gets deleted before the parent job had time to fetch its result
4.11 #2329 CLOUDSTACK-10012 Bug Major Migrate to Embedded Jetty based mgmt server
4.11 #2327 CLOUDSTACK-10129 Bug Trivial Show instances attached to a network/VR via navigation from VRs->instances
4.11 #2313 CLOUDSTACK-10135 Bug Major ACL rules order is not maintained for ACL_OUTBOUND in VPC VR
4.11 #2316 CLOUDSTACK-10137 Bug Major Re-installation fails for cloudstack-management
4.11 #2157 CLOUDSTACK-9961 Bug Major Accept domain name for gateway while creating Vpncustomergateway
4.11 #2306 CLOUDSTACK-10129 Bug Trivial Show instances attached to a network/VR via navigation from VRs->instances
4.11 #2273 CLOUDSTACK-10090 Bug Major createPortForwardingRule api call accepts ‘halt’ as Protocol which Stops VR
4.11 #2240 CLOUDSTACK-10051 Bug Major Mouse Scrolling is not working in instance VM console
4.11 #2291 CLOUDSTACK-10111 Bug Minor Fix validation for parameter “vm.password.length”
4.11 #2302 CLOUDSTACK-10122 Bug Major Unrelated error message
4.11 #2250 CLOUDSTACK-10057 Bug Major ListNetworkOfferingsCmd does not return the correct count
4.11 #2268 CLOUDSTACK-10081 Bug Major CloudUtils getDevInfo function only checks for KVM bridgePort and not OVS
4.11 #2293 CLOUDSTACK-10047 Bug Major DVSwitch improvements
4.11 #2288 CLOUDSTACK-10107 Bug Major VMware VM fails to start if it has more than 7 nics
4.11 #2257 CLOUDSTACK-10060 Bug Minor ListUsage API always displays the Virtual size as ‘0’ for Usage type=9 (snapshot)
4.11 #2246 CLOUDSTACK-10046 Bug Major checksum is not verified during registerTemplate
4.11 #2074 CLOUDSTACK-9899 Bug Major allow download without checking first for MS behind firewall
4.11 #2279 CLOUDSTACK-9584 Bug Major Increase component tests coverage in Travis run
4.11 #2277 CLOUDSTACK-10099 Bug Major GUI invokes migrateVirtualMachine instead of migrateVirtualMachineWithVolume
4.11 #2269 CLOUDSTACK-10083 Bug Minor SSH keys are not created when starting from maintenance mode
4.11 #876 CLOUDSTACK-8865 Bug Major Adding SR doesn’t create Storage_pool_host_ref entry for disabled host
4.11 #1252 CLOUDSTACK-9182 Bug Major Some running VMs turned off on manual migration when auto migration failed while host preparing for maintenance
4.11 #2153 CLOUDSTACK-9956 Bug Major File search on the vmware datastore may select wrong file if there are multiple files with same name
4.11 #2078 CLOUDSTACK-9902 Bug Minor consoleproxy.sslEnabled global config variable is not present in default install
4.11 #2252 CLOUDSTACK-10067 Bug Major Fix a case where a user ‘ro’ or ‘roo’ exists on the system
4.11 #2248 CLOUDSTACK-10056 Bug Minor Cannot specify root disk controller when creating VM
4.11 #2243 CLOUDSTACK-10019 Bug Major template.properties has hardcoded id
4.11 #2261 CLOUDSTACK-10068 Bug Major smoketest/test_iso.py reports assertion failure
4.11 #2054 CLOUDSTACK-9886 Bug Major After restarting cloudstack-management , It takes time to connect hosts
4.11 #955 CLOUDSTACK-8969 Bug Major VPN customer gateway can’t be registered with hostname
4.9* #2262 CLOUDSTACK-10069 Bug Major During release add sha512 suffix to sha 512 checksum/file
4.11 #2253 CLOUDSTACK-10061 Bug Major When starting a VM, make sure it has the correct volume access group
4.11 #2254 CLOUDSTACK-10058 Bug Major Error while opening the Settings tab in Secondary storage
4.11 #1733 CLOUDSTACK-9563 Bug Major ExtractTemplate returns malformed URL after migrating NFS to s3
4.11 #2188 CLOUDSTACK-10004 Bug Major On deletion, Vmware volume snapshots are left behind with message ‘the snapshot has child, can’t delete it on the storage’
4.11 #914 CLOUDSTACK-8939 Bug Major VM Snapshot size with memory is not correctly calculated in cloud.usage_event (XenServer)
4.11 #1985 CLOUDSTACK-9812 Bug Major Update “updatePortForwardingRule” pi to include additional parameter to update the end port in case of port range
4.11 #2224 CLOUDSTACK-10032 Bug Major Database entries for templates created from snapshots disappear after management-server service restart
4.11 #2109 CLOUDSTACK-9922 Bug Major Unable to use 8081 port for Load balancing
4.11 #2216 CLOUDSTACK-10027 Bug Minor Repeating the same list for Internal LB in VPC
4.11 #2174 CLOUDSTACK-9996 Bug Major bug in network resource that juniper srx firewall
4.11 #2186 CLOUDSTACK-10002 Bug Major Restart network with cleanup spawns Redundant Routers(In Default Network Offering)
4.11 #1246 CLOUDSTACK-9165 Bug Major unable to use reserved IP range in a network for external VMs
4.9* #2241 CLOUDSTACK-10052 Bug Major Upgrading to 4.9.2 causes confusion/issues around dynamic roles usage
4.11 #2221 CLOUDSTACK-10030 Bug Minor Public IPs assgined to the VPC are not reacheable from inside VPC
4.11 #2154 CLOUDSTACK-9967 Bug Major [VPC] static nat on additional public subnet ip is not working.
4.11 #1878 CLOUDSTACK-9717 Bug Major [VMware] RVRs have mismatching MAC addresses for extra public NICs
4.11 #2013 CLOUDSTACK-9734 Bug Major Destroy VM Fails sometimes
4.11 #2159 CLOUDSTACK-9964 Bug Critical Snapahots are getting deleted if VM is assigned to another user
4.11 #2163 CLOUDSTACK-9939 Bug Major Volumes stuck in Creating state while restarting the Management Server when the volume creation is in progress
4.11 #1919 CLOUDSTACK-9763 Bug Major vpc: can not ssh to instance after vpc restart
4.11 #2215 CLOUDSTACK-10026 Bug Major Page for Internal LB VM stucking while loading
4.11 #2180 CLOUDSTACK-9999 Bug Major vpc tiers do not work if vpc has more than 8 tiers
4.11 #2223 CLOUDSTACK-10031 Bug Major change default configuration for router.aggregation.command.each.timeout from 3 to 600 seconds.
4.11 #2182 CLOUDSTACK-10000 Bug Major Remote access vpn user does not work if user password contains ‘#’
4.9* #2233 CLOUDSTACK-10042 Bug Major UI doesn’t show ICMP Type and Code for Security Group rules
4.11 #2228 CLOUDSTACK-10036 Bug Major Decrease timeout of failing unit test HypervisorUtilsTest.java
4.11 #1774 CLOUDSTACK-9608 Bug Major Errored State and Abandoned state Templates are not displayed on UI
4.11 #2144 CLOUDSTACK-9955 Bug Minor Featured Templates/Iso’s created by Root/admin user are not visible to Domain Admin users
4.9* #1966 CLOUDSTACK-9801 Bug Critical IPSec VPN does not work after vRouter reboot or recreate
4.9* #2220 CLOUDSTACK-9708 Bug Major Router deployment failed due to two threads start VR simultaneosuly
4.11 #1912 CLOUDSTACK-9749 Bug Critical cloudstack master vpc_internal_lb feature is broken as port 8080 is in use by password server on lb VM
4.11 #2138 CLOUDSTACK-9944 Bug Major In clustered Management Server, Sometimes hosts stays in disconnected state.
4.11 #883 CLOUDSTACK-8906 Bug Major /var/log/cloud/ doesn’t get logrotated on xenserver
4.11 #2119 CLOUDSTACK-9925 Bug Minor Quota: fix tariff description for memory. Tariff value is for 1MB of RAM used per month (not hour).
4.11 #2145 CLOUDSTACK-9697 Bug Major Better error message on UI user if tries to shrink the VM ROOT volume size
4.11 #2137 CLOUDSTACK-9950 Bug Major listUsageRecords doesnt return required fields
4.11 #2008 CLOUDSTACK-9840 Bug Major Datetime format of snapshot events is inconsistent with other events
4.11 #2142 CLOUDSTACK-9954 Bug Major Unable to create service offering with networkrate=0
4.11 #2171 CLOUDSTACK-9990 Bug Minor Account name is giving null in event tab after successful creation of account
4.9* #1925 CLOUDSTACK-9751 Bug Major if a public IP is assigned to a VM when VR is in starting state, it does not get applied to the vport in Nuage VSD
4.9* #1798 CLOUDSTACK-9631 Bug Major updateVMAffinityGroup must require one of the list parameter
4.9* #2201 CLOUDSTACK-10016 Bug Major VPC VR doesn’t respond to DNS requests from remote access vpn clients
4.11 #1959 CLOUDSTACK-9786 Bug Major API reference guide entry for associateIpAddress needs a fix
4.9* #1933 CLOUDSTACK-9569 Bug Critical VR on shared network not starting on KVM
4.11 #2298 CLOUDSTACK-9620 Improvement Major Improvements for Managed Storage
4.11 #2152 CLOUDSTACK-10229 Improvement Trivial SSVM logging improvement when using Swift as secondary-storage
4.11 #2389 CLOUDSTACK-10213 Improvement Major Allow specify SSH key lengh
4.11 #2292 CLOUDSTACK-10108 Improvement Minor ConfigKey based approach for reading ‘ping’ configuaration for Management Server
4.11 #2384 CLOUDSTACK-10210 Improvement Trivial remove test file
4.11 #1554 CLOUDSTACK-9602 Improvement Major Add resource type name in response
4.11 #2035 CLOUDSTACK-9867 Improvement Major VM snapshots - not charged for the primary storage they use up
4.11 #1934 CLOUDSTACK-9772 Improvement Major Perform HEAD request to retrieve header information
4.11 #2348 CLOUDSTACK-10196 Improvement Minor Remove ejb-api 3.0 dependency
4.11 #2184 CLOUDSTACK-10003 Improvement Major automatic configure juniper srx/vsrx nat loopback
4.11 #2332 CLOUDSTACK-10156 Improvement Minor Fix Coverity new problems CID(1349987, 1349986, 1347248)
4.11 #2219 CLOUDSTACK-9989 Improvement Major Extend smoketests suite
4.11 #2005 CLOUDSTACK-9450 Improvement Major Network Offering for VPC based on DB flag
4.11 #2242 CLOUDSTACK-9958 Improvement Major Include tags of resources in listUsageRecords API
4.11 #2158 CLOUDSTACK-9972 Improvement Major Enhance listVolume API to include physical size and utilization.
4.11 #2004 CLOUDSTACK-9832 Improvement Major Do not assign public IP NIC to the VPC VR when the VPC offering does not contain VpcVirtualRouter as a SourceNat provider
4.11 #2238 CLOUDSTACK-10053 Improvement Major Performance improvement: Caching of external id’s
4.11 #2296 CLOUDSTACK-10007 Improvement Major Isolation methods are hard coded enum, replace by registry
4.11 #2280 CLOUDSTACK-10101 Improvement Major Present the full domain name when listing user’s domains
4.11 #2285 CLOUDSTACK-9859 Improvement Major Retirement of midonet plugin (final removal ticket)
4.11 #2266 CLOUDSTACK-10073 Improvement Trivial KVM host RAM overprovisioning
4.11 #2249 CLOUDSTACK-10007 Improvement Major Isolation methods are hard coded enum, replace by registry
4.11 #1443 CLOUDSTACK-9314 Improvement Trivial Remove unused code from XenServerStorageProcessor and change methods access level
4.11 #2044 CLOUDSTACK-9877 Improvement Major remove fully cloned deleted templates from primary storage
4.11 #2101 CLOUDSTACK-9915 Improvement Major ListSnapshots API does not provide virtual size information of the snapshots
4.11 #2123 CLOUDSTACK-9914 Improvement Trivial Alter quota_tariff to support currency values up to 5 decimal places
4.11 #1936 CLOUDSTACK-9773 Improvement Major Don’t break API output with non-printable characters
4.11 #2236 CLOUDSTACK-10044 Improvement Major Update rule permission of a role permission
4.11 #2193 CLOUDSTACK-10007 Improvement Major Isolation methods are hard coded enum, replace by registry
4.11 #2130 CLOUDSTACK-8961 Improvement Major Making the VPN user management more intutive
4.11 #2200 CLOUDSTACK-10015 Improvement Minor Return storage provider with call to list storage pools
4.11 #2350       Cloudstack 10170 - fixes resource tags security bugs and adds account tags support
4.11 #2383       “isdynamicallyscalable” Field to UpdateTemplate Response
4.11 #2045       Fix snmptrap alert bug
4.11 #2258       Cloudstack 10064: Secondary storage Usage for uploadedVolume is not collected
4.11 #1637       Command route not available on CentOS 7
4.11 #2367       Fix ACL_INBOUND/OUTBOUND rules for PrivateGateway
4.11 #2371       README: Happy Holidays, may the cloud be with you in 2018!
4.11 #1437       removed unused HypervDummyResourceBase class
4.11 #2346       Add XenServer 7.1 and 7.2 interoperablility
4.11 #2359       doc: replace virutal by virtual (typo)
4.11 #2324       Remove annotation and “depends-on” declaration not needed at cloud-engine-storage-image
4.11 #1723       Fix GroupBy (+ having) condition and tests
4.11 #2307       packging: Raise compat mode to 9
4.11 #2245       increased jetty timeout
4.11 #2235       repo has moved
4.11 #2039       rbd: Use libvirt to create new volumes and not rados-java
4.9* #2094       Agent logrotation
4.9* #2212       appliance: fix progress version in Gemfile
4.11 #2205       Add NULL checks for various objects in SolidFire integration test API
4.11 #1784       CS-505: Marvin test to check VR internal DNS Service
4.11 #1655       Fix ajaxviewer.js to solve console on Firefox
4.11 #2175       4.10 to 4.11 upgrade path
4.10* #2176       Travis: use oraclejdk8 for 4.10+