What’s New in 4.10

Version includes 339 pull requests and fixes more than 272 bugs since the last release. Version is much larger than usual and had a duration of about 10 months.

A LOT changed in this release, so this is not a complete list, but here is a quick summary of some of the changes.

  • IPV6 support for basic networking
  • Virtio-Scsi disk controller support for KVM
  • Ability to disable primary storage to secondary storage backups for snapshots
  • VMSnapshot (including memory) support for KVM on NFS
  • RBD snapshot backups to secondary are now QCOW2 rather than raw to save space
  • Strongwan VPN Improvements
  • Nuage VSP SDN Plugin: Shared networks support, Guest DNS support, Source- and Static-nat to Underlay and support for Nuage VSP 4.0
  • Significant performances improvements related to Virtual Router Deployment
  • Force power off/stop support for KVM, VMware and XenServer
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements