Issues Fixed in 4.10

Apache CloudStack uses Jira to track its issues and Github for pull requests. All new features and bugs for have been merged through Github pull requests. A subset of these changes are tracked in Jira, which have a standard naming convention of “CLOUDSTACK-NNNN” where “NNNN” is the issue number.

Issues Fixed in

Branches Github Jira Type Priority Description
4.10 #2162 CLOUDSTACK-9980 Bug Blocker ACS Master: Internal DNS feature breaks on restart network with cleanup
4.10 #2150       Two fixes for RC3 by @mike-tutkowski
4.9, 4.10 #2089       vRouters fixes & performance improvement
4.10 #2100 CLOUDSTACK-9907 Bug Major Physical size of snapshot is considered when usage is generated for snapshots.
4.9, 4.10 #2135 CLOUDSTACK-9860 Improvement Major CloudStack should be able to pass ‘hard’ shutdown instruction to hosts to force a guest instance shutdown
4.10 #1759 CLOUDSTACK-9589 Bug Major vmName entries from host_details table for the VM’s whose state is Expunging should be deleted during upgrade from older versions
4.10 #1726 CLOUDSTACK-9560 Bug Major Root volume of deleted VM left unremoved
4.10 #1866       Advanced isolated network egress destination cidr support added
4.10 #2126 CLOUDSTACK-9740 Bug Major Search for secondary IP of NIC that is attached to an instance is not working
4.10 #2132 CLOUDSTACK-9935 Bug Major Search in VPN Customer Gateway not working
4.10 #1716 CLOUDSTACK-9555 Bug Major when a template is deleted and then copied over again , it is still marked as Removed in template_zone_ref table
4.10 #1725 CLOUDSTACK-9559 Bug Major Deleting zone without deleting the secondary storage under the zone should not be allowed
4.10 #1734 CLOUDSTACK-9567 Bug Major Difference in the api call outputs for CAPACITY_TYPE_CPU = 1
4.10 #1756 CLOUDSTACK-9585 Bug Major UI doesn’t give an option to select the xentools version for non ROOT users
4.10 #1761 CLOUDSTACK-9592 Bug Major Empty responses from site to site connection status are not handled propertly
4.10 #1776 CLOUDSTACK-9603 Bug Minor ‘concurrent.snapshots.threshold.perhost’ parameter should not accept String
4.10 #1779 CLOUDSTACK-9610 Bug Major Disabled Host Keeps Being up status after unmanaging cluster
4.10 #1841 CLOUDSTACK-9684 Bug Major Invalid zone id error while listing vmware zone
4.10 #1850 CLOUDSTACK-9694 Bug Major Unable to limit the Public IPs in VPC
4.10 #1862 CLOUDSTACK-9704 Bug Major Remove dependency on VmwareContext object to fetch system VM key file
4.10 #1865 CLOUDSTACK-9705 Bug Major Unauthenticated API allows Admin password reset
4.10 #1868 CLOUDSTACK-9707 Bug Major deployVirtualMachine API should fail if hostid is specified and host doesn’t have enough resources
4.10 #1869 CLOUDSTACK-9701 Bug Major When host is disabled/removed, capacity_state for local storage in op_host_capacity is still enabled
4.10 #1900 CLOUDSTACK-8862 Bug Major Issuing multiple attach-volume commands simultaneously can be problematic
4.10 #2012 CLOUDSTACK-9842 Bug Major Unable to map root volume usage to VM
4.10 #2015 CLOUDSTACK-9843 Bug Major Performance improvement of deployVirtualMachine, createFirewallRule, createPortForwardingRule
4.10 #2086 CLOUDSTACK-9905 Improvement Major VPN Gateway with Public Subnet
4.10 #2113 CLOUDSTACK-9162 Bug Major Handle the vpn user add when vpn is not enabled on the account
4.10 #1894 CLOUDSTACK-9700 Improvement Major Allow user to Register/Copy templates to multiple zones at the same time
4.10 #892 CLOUDSTACK-8910 Bug Major The reserved_capacity field increases suddenly after a vmware host failure
4.10 #899 CLOUDSTACK-8921 Bug Major snapshot_store_ref table should store actual size of back snapshot in secondary storage
4.10 #927 CLOUDSTACK-9901 Bug Major secure and hidden config values are returned as plaintext string
4.10 #1867 CLOUDSTACK-9706 Bug Major Retry deleting snapshot if deleteSnapshot command failed
4.10 #1996 CLOUDSTACK-9099 Bug Major SecretKey is returned from the APIs
4.10 #2016 CLOUDSTACK-9835 Bug Major To make management server and SSVM to be in time sync
4.9, 4.10 #2108 CLOUDSTACK-9860 Improvement Major CloudStack should be able to pass ‘hard’ shutdown instruction to hosts to force a guest instance shutdown
4.10 #2133 CLOUDSTACK-9937 Bug Major dedicateCluster API response does not return correct detail in response
4.10 #1987 CLOUDSTACK-9814 Bug Major Unable to edit a Sub domain, which has the same name in different domains
4.10 #2072 CLOUDSTACK-9895 Improvement Major Support parallel volume creation from snapshot
4.10 #1967 CLOUDSTACK-9638 Bug Major Problems caused when inputting double-byte numbers for custom compute offerings
4.10 #2082 CLOUDSTACK-9017 Bug Major VPC VR DHCP broken for multihomed guest VMs
4.10 #2098 CLOUDSTACK-9660 Bug Major NPE while destroying volumes during 1000 VMs deploy and destroy tests
4.10 #2121 CLOUDSTACK-9641 Bug Major In KVM SSVM and CPVM may use the old cmdline data, if we fail to fetch the new cmdline in the first pass.
4.10 #2120 CLOUDSTACK-9665 Bug Major List hosts api dose not report correct cpu and memory usage
4.10 #1824 CLOUDSTACK-9657 Bug Major Ipset command fails for VM’s with long internal name
4.10 #2103 CLOUDSTACK-8647 Improvement Major LDAP Trust AD and Autoimport
4.10 #2080       Changing vlan to None since network offering being used has Specify Vlan set to False
4.10 #1908 CLOUDSTACK-9317 Bug Major Disabling static NAT on many IPs can leave wrong IPs on the router
4.10 #874 CLOUDSTACK-8897 Bug Major baremetal:addHost:make host tag info mandtory in baremetal addhost Api call
4.10 #2106 CLOUDSTACK-9168 Task Major Testcase to check if wrong value is inserted into nics table netmask field when creating a VM
4.10 #2006 CLOUDSTACK-9833 Bug Major Move configuration parameters from to use ConfigDepot
4.10 #1322 CLOUDSTACK-9217 Test Major CloudStack should block volume migration to a pool in maintenance mode
4.10 #868 CLOUDSTACK-8894 Bug Major Dynamic scaling is not restricted when destination offering has changes in the vGPU type
4.10 #1971 CLOUDSTACK-9726 Bug Major state of the rvr dose not change to update failed when updating rvrs in sequence to a new offering fails.
4.10 #1873 CLOUDSTACK-9709 Bug Major DHCP/DNS offload: Use correct thread pool for IP fetch task
4.9, 4.10 #1872 CLOUDSTACK-3223 Bug Major Exception observed while creating CPVM in VMware Setup with DVS
4.10 #1842 CLOUDSTACK-9686 Bug Major multiple entires for builtin template in template store ref table so builtin template is never downloaded completely
4.10 #1883 CLOUDSTACK-9723 Bug Major Enable unique mac address across different deployments and networks
4.10 #1968 CLOUDSTACK-9666 Bug Major Add configuration validation for the config drive global settings
4.9, 4.10 #1945 CLOUDSTACK-9787 Bug Major No error message while change guest vm cidr to a large value
4.10 #2002 CLOUDSTACK-9831 Bug Major Previous pod_id still remains in the vm_instance table after VM migration with migrateVirtualMachineWithVolume
4.9, 4.10 #2027 CLOUDSTACK-9918 Test Major Enable NIO test cases
4.10 #2018 CLOUDSTACK-9848 Bug Major VR commands exist status is not checked in python config files
4.9, 4.10 #2055 CLOUDSTACK-9887 Bug Major A VM with dual shared/isolated network gets bogus GW assignment
4.9, 4.10 #2070 CLOUDSTACK-9904 Bug Major HyperV plugin created logs @AGENTLOG@
4.9, 4.10 #1995 CLOUDSTACK-9828 Bug Major .GetDomRVersionCommand failed while starting virtual router
4.10 #1870 CLOUDSTACK-9708 Bug Major Router deployment failed due to two threads start VR simultaneosuly
4.10 #1840 CLOUDSTACK-9685 Bug Major [Xen]Delete snapshot on primary when associated volume is deleted
4.10 #1849 CLOUDSTACK-9690 Bug Major Scale CentOS7 VM fails with error
4.10 #2007 CLOUDSTACK-9834 Bug Major prepareTemplate API call doesn’t work well with XenServer & Local SR (Db_exn.Uniqueness_constraint_violation)
4.10 #1180 CLOUDSTACK-9112 Bug Major deployVM thread is holding the global lock on network longer and cause delays and some improvements in the planner
4.10 #1992 CLOUDSTACK-9824 Bug Major Resource count for Primary storage is considered twice - while creating and while attaching the disk.
4.9, 4.10 #2075 CLOUDSTACK-9900 Bug Major Fix high CPU deviation seen in Zone/Cluster metrics view
4.9, 4.10 #2077       Honor network.dns.basiczone.updates setting when sending DHCP config …
4.10 #2062 CLOUDSTACK-9878 Bug Blocker Remote Access VPN that losing connection when new network configs are introduced
4.10 #1949       Automated Cloudstack bugs 9277 9276 9275 9274 9273 9179 9178 9177
4.10 #1813 CLOUDSTACK-9604 Improvement Major Root disk resize support for VMware and XenServer
4.10 #803 CLOUDSTACK-8833 Bug Major Generating url and migrate volume to another storage , resulting two entry in UI and listvolume is not working for that volume
4.9, 4.10 #1606       Allow CGN (RFC6598) to be used within a VPC
4.10 #2056 CLOUDSTACK-8829 Bug Major Consecutive cold migration fails
4.9, 4.10 #1810 CLOUDSTACK-9647 Bug Major NIC adapter type becomes e1000 , even after changing the global parameter “vmware.systemvm.nic.device.type” to vmxnet3 for VPC VR
4.10 #2071 CLOUDSTACK-9815 Improvement Major Application Container Service
4.10 #2030 CLOUDSTACK-9864 Improvement Major cleanup stale worker VMs after job expiry time
4.10 #1792 CLOUDSTACK-9623 Bug Major Deploying virtual machine fails due to “Couldn’t find vlanId” in Basic Zone
4.10 #1970 CLOUDSTACK-9725 Bug Major Failed to update VPC Network during N/w offering Upgrade which doesnt have ACL service Enabled. check if acl service provider is configured when network is associated with a acl.
4.10 #1997 CLOUDSTACK-9208 Bug Minor Assertion Error in VM_POWER_STATE handler.
4.10 #2066 CLOUDSTACK-9893 Bug Minor smoke test test_deploy_virtio_scsi_vm fails
4.10 #2053       deb: Only build binary packages
4.10 #2069 CLOUDSTACK-8793 Bug Major Project Site-2-Site VPN Connection Fails to Register Correctly
4.9, 4.10 #2037 CLOUDSTACK-9871 Bug Minor MySQL 5.7 compatibility
4.10 #1852 CLOUDSTACK-9695 Improvement Minor For VM in stopped state, disable “Snapshot Memory” option
4.10 #1797 CLOUDSTACK-9630 Bug Major Cannot use listNics API as advertised
4.10 #1918       Management Server UI (VM statistics page) CPU Utilized value is incorrect.
4.10 #2063       Fix typo on label.gpu
4.10 #1978 CLOUDSTACK-9779 Bug Major Releasing secondary guest IP fails with error VM nic Ip x.x.x.x is mapped to load balancing rule
4.10 #1582 CLOUDSTACK-9408 Improvement Blocker remove runtime references to
4.9, 4.10 #2009 CLOUDSTACK-9369 Bug Critical Security issue! Local login open with SAML implementation
4.10 #2060       Merge release branch 4.9 to master
4.9, 4.10 #1819 CLOUDSTACK-9653 Bug Major listCapacity API shows incorrect output when sortBy=usage option is added
4.9, 4.10 #1879 CLOUDSTACK-9719 Bug Major [VMware] VR loses DHCP settings and VMs cannot obtain IP after HA recovery
4.10 #1917 CLOUDSTACK-9756 Bug Major IP address must not be allocated to other VR if releasing ip address is failed
4.10 #1993 CLOUDSTACK-8931 Bug Major Fail to deploy VM instance when use.system.public.ips=false
4.10 #1957 CLOUDSTACK-9748 Bug Major VPN Users search functionality broken
4.9, 4.10 #1956 CLOUDSTACK-9796 Bug Minor Null Pointer Exception in
4.9, 4.10 #1903 CLOUDSTACK-9356 Bug Critical VPC add VPN User fails same error as CLOUDSTACK-8927
4.10 #1886 CLOUDSTACK-9728 Bug Major query to traffic sentinel requesting for usage stats is too long resulting in traffic sentinel sending HTTP 414 error response
4.9, 4.10 #2024 CLOUDSTACK-9857 Bug Critical CloudStack KVM Agent Self Fencing - improper systemd config
4.10 #1935 CLOUDSTACK-9764 Bug Major Delete domain failure due to Account Cleanup task
4.10 #1889 CLOUDSTACK-9718 Improvement Major Revamp the dropdown showing lists of hosts available for migration in a Zone
4.10 #1955 CLOUDSTACK-8239 New Feature Critical Add support for VirtIO-SCSI for KVM hypervisors
4.9, 4.10 #1980 CLOUDSTACK-9805 Bug Major Show VRs in a tab for a network in network detail view
4.10 #2051 CLOUDSTACK-9858 Improvement Major Retirement of midonet plugin (disabling ticket)
4.9, 4.10 #2043 CLOUDSTACK-9876 Bug Major Remove test_01_test_vm_volume_snapshot in
4.10 #2036 CLOUDSTACK-9858 Improvement Major Retirement of midonet plugin (disabling ticket)
4.10 #1771 CLOUDSTACK-9611 Bug Major Dedicating a Guest VLAN range to Project does not work
4.10 #2033 CLOUDSTACK-9462 Bug Major Systemd packaging for Ubuntu 16.04
4.10 #2023 CLOUDSTACK-9808 Bug Blocker 4.9->4.10 upgrade does not upgrade global settings to point to new template
4.10 #2025       [4.10-blocker] Fix error in restart network in RC
4.9, 4.10 #2022 CLOUDSTACK-9591 Bug Minor VMware dvSwitch Requires a Dummy, Standard vSwitch
4.10 #2032 CLOUDSTACK-9783 Improvement Major Improve metrics view performance
4.10 #1880 CLOUDSTACK-9720 Bug Major [VMware] template_spool_ref table is not getting updated with correct template physical size in template_size column.
4.9, 4.10 #1944 CLOUDSTACK-9783 Improvement Major Improve metrics view performance
4.10 #2021 CLOUDSTACK-9854 Bug Major Fix test_primary_storage test failure due to live migration
4.10 #2019 CLOUDSTACK-9851 Bug Major travis CI build failure after merge of PR#1953
4.10 #1994 CLOUDSTACK-9827 Bug Blocker Storage tags stored in multiple places
4.10 #1961       Fix for using nfs2 instead of nfs template
4.9, 4.10 #2011 CLOUDSTACK-9811 Bug Blocker VR will not start, looking to configure eth3 while no such device exists on the VR. On KVM-CentOS6.8 physical host
4.10 #2003 CLOUDSTACK-9811 Bug Blocker VR will not start, looking to configure eth3 while no such device exists on the VR. On KVM-CentOS6.8 physical host
4.9, 4.10 #1923 CLOUDSTACK-9765 Bug Major broken after upgrade
4.10 #847 CLOUDSTACK-8880 Bug Major Allocated memory more than total memory on a KVM host
4.10 #1953 CLOUDSTACK-9794 Bug Major Unable to attach more than 14 devices to a VM
4.10 #1958 CLOUDSTACK-5806 Bug Critical Storage types other than NFS/VMFS can’t overprovision
4.10 #1861 CLOUDSTACK-9698 Bug Major Make the wait timeout for NIC adapter hotplug as configurable
4.9, 4.10 #1856 CLOUDSTACK-9569 Bug Critical VR on shared network not starting on KVM
4.10 #1991 CLOUDSTACK-9821 Bug Blocker Unable to deploy user VM in Basic Zone
4.10 #1982 CLOUDSTACK-9807 Bug Blocker 4.5->4.10 upgrade fails. db upgrade script looking for ssvm template-4.6 when having 4.10 already installed.
4.10 #1942 CLOUDSTACK-9784 Bug Major GPU detail not displayed in GPU tab of management server UI.
4.10 #1914 CLOUDSTACK-9753 Bug Minor Update L10N resource files with 4.10 strings from Transifex (20170121)
4.9, 4.10 #1896 CLOUDSTACK-9732 Improvement Minor Update L10N resource files with 4.9 strings from Transifex (20170106)
4.10 #1768       CLOUDSTACK 9601: Upgrade: change logic for update path for files
4.10 #1975       Fix build failure on master
4.10 #815 CLOUDSTACK-8841 Bug Major Storage XenMotion from XS 6.2 to XS 6.5 fails.
4.10 #843       Security group ingress/egress issues with xenserver 6.2
4.10 #1825 CLOUDSTACK-9660 Bug Major NPE while destroying volumes during 1000 VMs deploy and destroy tests
4.10 #1907       Fix public IPs not being removed from the VR when deprovisioned
4.10 #1922 CLOUDSTACK-9757 Bug Major VPC traffic from vm to additional public subnet is not working
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1915 CLOUDSTACK-9746 Bug Critical system-vm: logrotate config causes critical failures
4.9, 4.10 #1829 CLOUDSTACK-9363 Bug Critical Can’t start a Xen HVM vm when more than 2 volumes attached
4.9, 4.10 #1941 CLOUDSTACK-8663 Improvement Major Snapshot Improvements
4.9, 4.10 #1946 CLOUDSTACK-9788 Bug Major Exception is throwed when list networks with pagesize is 0
4.10 #1948 CLOUDSTACK-9793 Bug Major Unnecessary conversion from IPNetwork to list causes router slowdown when processing static Nat rules
4.10 #1954 CLOUDSTACK-9795 Bug Minor VRs used as VPC Routers have logrotate in cron.daily instead of cron.hourly
4.10 #1927       ipv6: Set IPv6 CIDR and Gateway in ‘nic’ profile
4.10 #838 CLOUDSTACK-8857 Bug Major ‘listProjects’ doesn’t return tags ‘vmstopped’ or ‘vmrunning’ when their value is zero
4.10 #865 CLOUDSTACK-8856 Bug Major Primary Storage Used(type tag with value 2) related tag is not showing in listCapacity api response
4.9, 4.10 #1947 CLOUDSTACK-9789 Bug Major Releasing secondary guest IP fails with error VM nic Ip x.x.x.x is mapped to static nat
4.9, 4.10 #1770 CLOUDSTACK-9628 Bug Major Fix Template Size in Swift as Secondary Storage
4.10 #1379 CLOUDSTACK-8324 New Feature Major DHCP/DNS offload and config drive support for adv shared network
4.10 #1885 CLOUDSTACK-9724 Bug Major VPC tier network restart with cleanup, missing public ip on VR interface
4.10 #1882 CLOUDSTACK-8737 Bug Major Remove out-of-band VR reboot code based on persistent VR configuration changes
4.10 #1881 CLOUDSTACK-9721 Bug Major Remove deprecated/unused global configuration parameter - consoleproxy.loadscan.interval
4.10 #1926 CLOUDSTACK-9768 Bug Major Time displayed for events in UI is incorrect
4.10 #1924 CLOUDSTACK-9766 Bug Major Executing deleteSnapshot api with already deleted snapshot does not throw any exception or failure message
4.10 #1874 CLOUDSTACK-9711 Bug Major Remote Access vpn user add fail ignored when the VR in stopped state
4.10 #1333 CLOUDSTACK-9228 Bug Major Network update with mistmatch in services require forced option
4.10 #1758 CLOUDSTACK-9588 Bug Major Add Load Balancer functionality in Network page is redundant.
4.10 #1786 CLOUDSTACK-9618 Bug Major Load Balancer configuration page does not have “Source” method in the drop down list
4.9, 4.10 #1847 CLOUDSTACK-9691 Bug Major unhandeled excetion in list snapshot command when a primary store is deleted
4.10 #1952 CLOUDSTACK-9790 Bug Blocker Can’t create a Basic Zone (networking problem)
4.10 #1838 CLOUDSTACK-9682 Bug Major Block VM migration to a storage which is in maintainence mode
4.10 #1913 CLOUDSTACK-9752 Improvement Major [Vmware] Optimization of volume attachness to vm
4.10 #1727 CLOUDSTACK-9539 Bug Major Support changing Service offering for instance with VM Snapshots
4.10 #1834 CLOUDSTACK-9679 Bug Major Allow master user to manage subordinate user uploaded template
4.10 #1747 CLOUDSTACK-9574 Improvement Major Redesign storage views
4.10 #1833 CLOUDSTACK-9678 Bug Major listNetworkOfferings API is listing all the offerings which has same prefix in their name
4.9, 4.10 #1818 CLOUDSTACK-9655 Bug Major The template which is registered in all zones will be deleted by deleting 1 template on any zone
4.10 #1939 CLOUDSTACK-8886 Bug Major Limitations is listUsageRecords output - listUsageRecords does not return “domain”
4.10 #1741       Updated StrongSwan VPN Implementation
4.9, 4.10 #873 CLOUDSTACK-8896 Bug Major Allocated percentage of storage can go beyond 100%
4.10 #1794       added more guest os
4.10 #1938 CLOUDSTACK-9780 Bug Major Default to Java8 if JAVA_HOME is not set
4.10 #1876 CLOUDSTACK-9715 Bug Major “somaxconn” value on VR is not reflecting value from /etc/sysctl.conf
4.10 #928 CLOUDSTACK-8950 Bug Major Hypervisor Parameter check is not performed for registerTemplate and getUploadParamsForTemplate API’s.
4.10 #1183       Marvin test to verify that adding TCP ports 500,4500 and 1701 in vpn should not fail
4.10 #1416 CLOUDSTACK-8717 Bug Major Failed to start instance after restoring the running instance
4.10 #844 CLOUDSTACK-7985 Improvement Major assignVM in Advanced zone with Security Groups
4.9, 4.10 #1929 CLOUDSTACK-9770 Bug Critical Virtual router / Network regression since with public interface eth2
4.9, 4.10 #1697 CLOUDSTACK-4858 Bug Major Disable copy snapshot to secondary storage snapshot.backup.rightafter
4.10 #1905 CLOUDSTACK-9738 Improvement Major Optimize vm expunge process for instances with vm snapshots
4.10 #1767 CLOUDSTACK-9457 Bug Minor Allow retrieval and modification of VM and template details via API and UI
4.10 #1892 CLOUDSTACK-9731 Bug Major Hardcoded label appears on the Add zone wizard
4.9, 4.10 #775 CLOUDSTACK-8805 Bug Major Domains become inactive automatically.
4.9, 4.10 #1890 CLOUDSTACK-9712 Bug Critical Establishing Remote access VPN is failing due to mismatch of preshared secrets post Disable/Enable VPN.
4.9, 4.10 #1871 CLOUDSTACK-9692 Bug Major Reset password service is not running on Redundant virtual routers.
4.10 #1921       Dockerfile: Upgrade base distro to Ubuntu 16.04, fix support for JDK8
4.10 #1920       Change the README link for event page to the current ACS CCCs website
4.10 #977 CLOUDSTACK-8746 Improvement Major VM Snapshotting implementation for KVM
4.10 #1700 CLOUDSTACK-9359 Sub-task Major Return ip6address in Basic Networking
4.10 #1749 CLOUDSTACK-9619 Bug Major Fixes for PR 1600
4.10 #1904 CLOUDSTACK-9729 Bug Blocker Spring 4.x support PR-1638 broke Nuage VSP plugin as of dependency to com.amazonaws.util.json.JSONException
4.10 #1888 CLOUDSTACK-9710 Bug Major Switch to JDK 1.8
4.10 #1899 CLOUDSTACK-9650 Improvement Major Allow starting VMs regardless of cpu/memory cluster.disablethreshold setting
4.9, 4.10 #1887       schema: Fix upgrade issue for>
4.9, 4.10 #1863       Smoke tests xen:iscsi fix
4.10 #1638 CLOUDSTACK-9456 Bug Major Migrate master to use Java8 and Spring4
4.9, 4.10 #1854       4.9 multiplex testing
4.10 #1858       README: Happy Christmas, happy holidays!
4.9, 4.10 #1827 CLOUDSTACK-9673 Bug Critical Exception occured while creating the CPVM in the VmWare Setup over standard vSwitches
4.9, 4.10 #1828 CLOUDSTACK-9676 Bug Critical Start instance fails after reverting to a VM snapshot, when there are child VM snapshots
4.9, 4.10 #1764 CLOUDSTACK-9597 Bug Major Incorrect updateResourceCount()
4.9, 4.10 #1811 CLOUDSTACK-9649 Bug Major In the management server log there is an error related to IP address
4.9, 4.10 #1804 CLOUDSTACK-9639 Bug Major Unable to create shared network with vLan isolation
4.10 #1782 CLOUDSTACK-9617 Bug Major Enabling Remote access Vpn Fails when there is a portforwarding rule of the reserved ports ( 1701 , 500 , 4500) under TCP protocol.
4.10 #1783 CLOUDSTACK-9615 Bug Major Ingress Firewall Rules with blank start and End ports doesnt get applied
4.9, 4.10 #1711       XenServer 7 Support
4.9, 4.10 #1851       schema: Upgrade path from to
4.9, 4.10 #1839 CLOUDSTACK-9683 Bug Major system.vm.default.hypervisor Does Not Pin Hypervisor Type of Virtual Routers
4.9, 4.10 #1846 CLOUDSTACK-9688 Bug Major Fix smoke test failures for 4.9
4.10 #1831 CLOUDSTACK-9671 Bug Major Unknown column ‘image_store_details.display’ in ‘field list’ when upgrade from to SNAPSHOT
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #896 CLOUDSTACK-8908 Bug Major After copying the template charging for that template is stopped
4.9, 4.10 #1796 CLOUDSTACK-9626 Bug Major Instance fails to start after unsuccesful compute offering upgrade.
4.9, 4.10 #1817 CLOUDSTACK-9654 Bug Major Missing hypervisor mapping of various SUSE Linux guest os versions on VMware 6.0
4.9, 4.10 #1396 CLOUDSTACK-9269 Bug Major Missing field for Switch type for Management and Storage traffic types
4.9, 4.10 #1820 CLOUDSTACK-9656 Bug Blocker Usage does not gather if you have a project with usage
4.9, 4.10 #1822 CLOUDSTACK-9584 Bug Major Increase component tests coverage in Travis run
4.9, 4.10 #1821 CLOUDSTACK-9659 Bug Major mismatch in traffic type in ip_associations.json and ips.json
4.9, 4.10 #1805 CLOUDSTACK-9637 Bug Major Template create from snapshot does not populate vm_template_details
4.10 #1772 CLOUDSTACK-9627 Bug Major Template Doens’t get sync when using Swift as Secondary Storage
4.10 #1618 CLOUDSTACK-9643 Improvement Major Add OS info to list snapshots response
4.10 #1622 CLOUDSTACK-9644 Improvement Major Add bits field to template response
4.10 #1566 CLOUDSTACK-9645 Improvement Major Add support for not restarting the management server after setup
4.9, 4.10 #1809 CLOUDSTACK-9646 Bug Critical [Usage] No usage is generated for uploaded templates/volumes from local
4.10 #1579 CLOUDSTACK-9403 Task Major Nuage VSP Plugin : Support for SharedNetwork fuctionality including Marvin test coverage
4.9, 4.10 #1659 CLOUDSTACK-9339 Bug Major Virtual Routers don’t handle Multiple Public Interfaces
4.9, 4.10 #1799 CLOUDSTACK-9632 Bug Major Upgrade bountycastle to 1.55+
4.9, 4.10 #1816 CLOUDSTACK-9564 Bug Major Fix memory leak in VmwareContextPool
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1765       Cloudstack 9586: When using local storage with Xenserver prepareTemplate does not work with multiple primary store
4.9, 4.10 #1729 CLOUDSTACK-9564 Bug Major Fix memory leak in VmwareContextPool
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1808 CLOUDSTACK-9648 Bug Major Checkstyle module version fails to update by
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1802 CLOUDSTACK-9635 Bug Major fix
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1806       travis: cleanup apt before installing packages
4.9, 4.10 #1803 CLOUDSTACK-9636 Bug Major The host alerts box should be named as hosts in Alerts.
4.10 #1800 CLOUDSTACK-9633 Bug Major test_snapshot is failing due to incorrect string construction in
4.9, 4.10 #828 CLOUDSTACK-8854 Bug Major Apple Mac OS/X VM get created without USB controller in ESXi hypervisors
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1801       fix marvin test failure test_router_dhcp_opts
4.9, 4.10 #1793 CLOUDSTACK-9624 Bug Major Incorrect hypervisor mapping of guest os Windows 2008 Server R2 (64-bit) on VMware
4.9, 4.10 #1710 CLOUDSTACK-9538 Bug Major Deleting Snapshot From Primary Storage Fails on RBD Storage if you already delete vm’s itself
4.9, 4.10 #1755 CLOUDSTACK-9584 Bug Major Increase component tests coverage in Travis run
4.9, 4.10 #1791 CLOUDSTACK-9622 Improvement Trivial Localisation for ‘Project’ label on the top of Web UI
4.10 #1789       Update L10N files from Transifex (2016-11-27) for the new release
4.9, 4.10 #1785 CLOUDSTACK-9416 Bug Major ACS master GUI: Enabling Static NAT on an associated Public IP to one of the NICs (networks) of a multi-NIC VM fails due to a wrong (default) Guest VM IP being selected in the GUI
4.9, 4.10 #1788       systemvm: Fix regression from fwd-merging PR #1766
4.10 #1577 CLOUDSTACK-9321 Bug Critical Multiple Internal LB rules (more than one Internal LB rule with same source IP address) are not getting resolved in the corresponding InternalLbVm instance’s haproxy.cfg file
4.10 #1580 CLOUDSTACK-9402 Task Major Nuage VSP Plugin : Support for underlay features (Source & Static NAT to underlay) including Marvin test coverage on master
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1635 CLOUDSTACK-9451 Bug Minor stopVirtualMachine ignores forced parameter
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1738 CLOUDSTACK-9566 Bug Major instance-id metadata for baremetal VM returns ID
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1766 CLOUDSTACK-9598 Bug Major wrong defaut gateway in guest VM with nics in isolated and a shared network
4.10 #756 CLOUDSTACK-8781 Bug Trivial Superfluous field during VPC creation
4.10 #1542 CLOUDSTACK-9379 Improvement Major Support nested virtualization at VM level on VMware Hypervisor
4.9, 4.10 #1680 CLOUDSTACK-9498 Bug Major VR CsFile search utility methods fail when search string has char *, + etc
4.9, 4.10 #1681 CLOUDSTACK-9491 Bug Major Vmware resource: incorrect parsing of device list to find ethener index of plugged nic
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1745 CLOUDSTACK-9503 Bug Major The router script times out resulting in failure of deployment
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1757 CLOUDSTACK-9583 Bug Major VR: In preseed both hostaname and localhost to resolve to
4.9, 4.10 #1684 CLOUDSTACK-9489 Bug Blocker When upgrading, new configuration are not updated.
4.9, 4.10 #1591       Updating Alert codes
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1674 CLOUDSTACK-9460 Bug Major Graceful handling of Mysql server connection timeout
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1673 CLOUDSTACK-9071 Bug Major stats.output.uri stops the server from starting if the uri is malformed
4.9, 4.10 #1676 CLOUDSTACK-9502 Bug Major Target CLOUDSTACK-9386 into 4.9 release branch
4.9, 4.10 #1677 CLOUDSTACK-8830 Bug Major [VMware] VM snapshot fails for 12 min after instance creation
4.10 #1578 CLOUDSTACK-9401 Task Major Nuage VSP Plugin : Support for InternalDns including Marvin test coverage
4.9, 4.10 #1751       systemd: Fix semicolon missing in b75e69
4.9, 4.10 #1743 CLOUDSTACK-8326 Bug Major Bug in cloudstack virtual router (KVM) in Simple zone with public ips / DHCP Debian Wheezy specific
4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1744 CLOUDSTACK-9183 Bug Major CS 4.7.0 bash: /opt/cloud/bin/ No such file or directory
4.9, 4.10 #1713 CLOUDSTACK-9552 Bug Major KVM Security Groups do not allow DNS over TCP egress
4.9, 4.10 #1746       SSVM downloader now handles redirects properly.
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1714 CLOUDSTACK-9553 Bug Major Usage event is not getting recorded for snapshots in a specific scenario
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1715 CLOUDSTACK-9554 Bug Major Juniper Contrail plug-in is publishing events to wrong message bus
4.10 #1705       Made the changes to improve logging.
4.9, 4.10 #1728 CLOUDSTACK-9551 Bug Major Pull KVM agent’s tmp folder usage within its own folder structure
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1694 CLOUDSTACK-9509 Bug Critical KVM Hosts connect with no storage
4.10 #1600       Support Backup of Snapshots for Managed Storage
4.10 #1732       Switched to the official SolidFire SDK for Java
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1701 CLOUDSTACK-9534 Bug Major Allow users to destroy VR when in running state
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1712 CLOUDSTACK-9550 Bug Major Metrics view does not filter items based on zone/cluster/host it is in
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1742 CLOUDSTACK-9544 Bug Major Account API keys vulnerability in Cloudstack with possible privileges escalation
4.10 #1615 CLOUDSTACK-9438 Improvement Major Fix for CLOUDSTACK-9252 - Make NFS version changeable in UI
4.9, 4.10 #1731 CLOUDSTACK-9565 Bug Major Fix intermittent failure in oobm test test_oobm_zchange_password
4.10 #1642 CLOUDSTACK-9504 Bug Major Fully support system VMs on managed storage
4.10 #1451 CLOUDSTACK-9319 Bug Trivial Timeout is not passed to virtual router operations consistently
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1724 CLOUDSTACK-9511 Bug Critical fix to handle multiple physical networks
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1624       Fixes regarding VOLUME_DELETE events resulting from account deletion
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1692       Fix Smoke Test Failures
4.10 #1572 CLOUDSTACK-9395 New Feature Major Add VirtIO Random Number Geneator to KVM Instances
4.10 #1464 CLOUDSTACK-9337 Test Major [CI] Enhance vcenter library to add datacenter programmatically
4.10 #1548       Compabitility fix for Docker >= 1.11 (docker/docker#19490)
4.9, 4.10 #1702 CLOUDSTACK-9535 Improvement Major [API] listVMSnapshots improvement
4.10 #1698 CLOUDSTACK-9525 Bug Major add support for windows 10 guest os in xenserver 6.5
4.10 #1699 CLOUDSTACK-9513 Bug Major Migrate transifex workflow and format to json
4.9, 4.10 #1696 CLOUDSTACK-9364 Task Major Add Support for Ubuntu 16.04
4.10 #1690       Update L10N resource files with 4.10 strings from Transifex (20160925)
4.10 #1619       Add the Transifex config for next version of CS (4.10)
4.10 #1669       Make CloudStack JSP-free
4.10 #1693 CLOUDSTACK-9505 Bug Major Fix test_deploy_vgpu_enabled tests cleanup
4.10 #1689       Switched to the official SolidFire SDK for Python
4.10 #1602 CLOUDSTACK-9422 Bug Major Granular VMware vm’s creation as full clones on HV
4.9, 4.10 #1666 CLOUDSTACK-9480 Bug Critical Egress Firewall: Incorrect use of Allow/Deny for ICMP
4.10 #1645       On snapshot backup, this converts the rbd raw format on disk to qcow2 for compression.
4.10 #1661       Export UUID for zone creation event completion.
4.10 #1671       Adding support for cross-cluster storage migration for managed storage when using XenServer
4.10 #1560 CLOUDSTACK-9386 Bug Major DS template copies don’t get deleted in VMware ESXi with multiple clusters and zone wide storage
4.10 #1658       Added an additional JSON diff output to the ApiXmlDocReader
4.10 #866 CLOUDSTACK-8751 Improvement Major Minimise VR downtime during network update
4.10 #1672       In comment, Add missing packages for Docker Ubuntu builds
4.10 #1605 CLOUDSTACK-9428 Improvement Major Fix for CLOUDSTACK-9211 - Improve performance
4.9, 4.10 #1665       Changes database upgrade script names to be consistent for the release
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1636       Fix a quote issue with Spanish L10N (from transifex translation)
4.9, 4.10 #1670 CLOUDSTACK-9481 Bug Major Convert MyISAM table to InnoDB for consistency
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1654       Updating pom.xml version numbers for release
4.9, 4.10 #1663 CLOUDSTACK-6432 Bug Major Prevent VR from response to DNS request from outside of network
4.9, 4.10 #1621 CLOUDSTACK-9444 Bug Minor ERROR c.c.u.d.DriverLoader DB driver type null is not supported (during migration from 4.7.1 to 4.9)
4.9, 4.10 #1648       test/integration: fix tearDown order in list_acl_ tests
4.9, 4.10 #1647 CLOUDSTACK-9462 Bug Major Systemd packaging for Ubuntu 16.04
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1657 CLOUDSTACK-9467 Bug Blocker Fresh installation of cloudstack-usage server fails
4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1656 CLOUDSTACK-9466 Bug Major Upgrading to older CloudStack 4.0.x to 4.1.x causes sql contraint errors
4.9, 4.10 #1634 CLOUDSTACK-9452 Bug Blocker CentOS6 kvm hosts stop working after upgrade
4.10 #1599       Marvin: Fix codegenerator to work with API discovery
4.9, 4.10 #1646       [4.9/LTS] Add upgrade path from 4.9.0 to 4.9.1, change version to
4.10 #1630       Add projectid to project details page
4.9, 4.10 #1649 CLOUDSTACK-9463 Bug Major Dynamic roles migrate script fails with old file format
4.9, 4.10 #1620       oobm: simply change password transactional logic
4.9, 4.10 #1641 CLOUDSTACK-9459 Bug Critical Database upgrade from 3.0.7 to 4.9.0 fails with a ResultSet closed exception
4.10 #1628       updated
4.9, 4.10 #1626       [blocker] Fix systemvm template build
4.10 #1631       Fix debian build error due to commit 3315eb5
4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 4.10 #1612 CLOUDSTACK-9446 Bug Major Package marvin and integration-tests for making testing easier
4.10 #1625       [blocker] cloudstack: fix upgrade paths to 4.10.0