Issues Fixed in 4.9

Apache CloudStack uses Jira to track its issues and Github for pull requests. All new features and bugs for have been merged through Github pull requests. A subset of these changes are tracked in Jira, which have a standard naming convention of “CLOUDSTACK-NNNN” where “NNNN” is the issue number.

Issues Fixed in

Branches Github Jira Type Priority Description
4.9 #1764 CLOUDSTACK-9597 Bug Major Incorrect updateResourceCount()
4.9 #1781 CLOUDSTACK-9612 Bug Major Restart Network with clean up fails for networks whose off
4.9 #1783 CLOUDSTACK-9615 Bug Major Ingress Firewall Rules with blank start and End ports does
4.9 #1782 CLOUDSTACK-9617 Bug Major Enabling Remote access Vpn Fails when there is a portforwa
4.9 #1804 CLOUDSTACK-9639 Bug Major Unable to create shared network with vLan isolation
4.9 #1811 CLOUDSTACK-9649 Bug Major In the management server log there is an error related to
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9662 Improvement Major Adding XenServer 7 support to Cloudstack
4.9 #1827 CLOUDSTACK-9673 Bug Critical Exception occured while creating the CPVM in the VmWare Se
4.9 #1828 CLOUDSTACK-9676 Bug Critical Start instance fails after reverting to a VM snapshot, whe
4.9 #1839 CLOUDSTACK-9683 Bug Major system.vm.default.hypervisor Does Not Pin Hypervisor Type
4.9 #1846 CLOUDSTACK-9688 Bug Major Fix smoke test failures for 4.9

Issues Fixed in

Branches Github Jira Type Priority Description
4.9 #1663 CLOUDSTACK-6432 Bug Major Prevent VR from response to DNS request from outside of ne
4.9 #1743 CLOUDSTACK-8326 Bug Major Bug in cloudstack virtual router (KVM) in Simple zone with
4.9 #798 CLOUDSTACK-8830 Bug Major [VMware] VM snapshot fails for 12 min after instance creat
4.9 #828 CLOUDSTACK-8854 Bug Major Apple Mac OS/X VM get created without USB controller in ES
4.9 #896 CLOUDSTACK-8908 Bug Major After copying the template charging for that template is s
4.9 #1673 CLOUDSTACK-9071 Bug Major stats.output.uri stops the server from starting if the uri
4.9 #1240 CLOUDSTACK-9161 Bug Critical Quota Service: fix marvin test
4.9 #1744 CLOUDSTACK-9183 Bug Major CS 4.7.0 bash: /opt/cloud/bin/ No such
4.9 #1396 CLOUDSTACK-9269 Bug Major Missing field for Switch type for Management and Storage t
4.9 #1659 CLOUDSTACK-9339 Bug Major Virtual Routers don’t handle Multiple Public Interfaces
4.9 #1696 CLOUDSTACK-9364 Task Major Add Support for Ubuntu 16.04
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9376 Bug Major Using the listTemplates API with the “templatefilter=all”
4.9 #1560 CLOUDSTACK-9386 Bug Major DS template copies don’t get deleted in VMware ESXi with m
4.9 #1586 CLOUDSTACK-9410 Bug Minor Data Disk shown as “detached” in XS
4.9 #1785 CLOUDSTACK-9416 Bug Major ACS master GUI: Enabling Static NAT on an associated Publi
4.9 #1621 CLOUDSTACK-9444 Bug Minor ERROR c.c.u.d.DriverLoader DB driver type null is not supp
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9447 Bug Major Fix systemvm template build failure
4.9 #1646 CLOUDSTACK-9449 Bug Major Dynamic roles default user description typo and column iss
4.9 #1635 CLOUDSTACK-9451 Bug Minor stopVirtualMachine ignores forced parameter
4.9 #1634 CLOUDSTACK-9452 Bug Blocker CentOS6 kvm hosts stop working after upgrade
4.9 #1641 CLOUDSTACK-9459 Bug Critical Database upgrade from 3.0.7 to 4.9.0 fails with a ResultSe
4.9 #1674 CLOUDSTACK-9460 Bug Major Graceful handling of Mysql server connection timeout
4.9 #1647 CLOUDSTACK-9462 Bug Major Systemd packaging for Ubuntu 16.04
4.9 #1649 CLOUDSTACK-9463 Bug Major Dynamic roles migrate script fails with old commands.prope
4.9 #1656 CLOUDSTACK-9466 Bug Major Upgrading to older CloudStack 4.0.x to 4.1.x causes sql co
4.9 #1657 CLOUDSTACK-9467 Bug Blocker Fresh installation of cloudstack-usage server fails
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9468 Improvement Minor Alert code documentation out of sync with responses
4.9 #1660 CLOUDSTACK-9470 Improvement Major [BLOCKER] Bug in SshHelper affecting interaction with vRou
4.9 #1666 CLOUDSTACK-9480 Bug Critical Egress Firewall: Incorrect use of Allow/Deny for ICMP
4.9 #1670 CLOUDSTACK-9481 Bug Major Convert MyISAM table to InnoDB for consistency
4.9 #1684 CLOUDSTACK-9489 Bug Blocker When upgrading, new configuration are not upda
4.9 #1681 CLOUDSTACK-9491 Bug Major Vmware resource: incorrect parsing of device list to find
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9495 Bug Critical Egress rules functionalty broken when protocol=all specifi
4.9 #1680 CLOUDSTACK-9498 Bug Major VR CsFile search utility methods fail when search string h
4.9 #1676 CLOUDSTACK-9502 Bug Major Target CLOUDSTACK-9386 into 4.9 release branch
4.9 #1745 CLOUDSTACK-9503 Bug Major The router script times out resulting in failure of deploy
4.9 #1694 CLOUDSTACK-9509 Bug Critical KVM Hosts connect with no storage
4.9 #1724 CLOUDSTACK-9511 Bug Critical fix to handle multiple physical netw
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9514 Bug Critical MarvinTests: some host credentials are hardcoded, make the
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9515 Bug Critical internal LB vm is not handled when parsing cmd_line.json,
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9522 Bug Major Marvin setNonContiguousVlanIds does not hanlde m
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9524 Bug Major Some marvin tests don’t check hypervisor before executing
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9526 Bug Major Marvin - Fix a hardcoded us
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9527 Bug Major test_01_test_vm_volume_snapshot making test negative again
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9529 Bug Major Marvin Tests do not clean up properly
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9531 Bug Major Fix tearDown issue in
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9532 Bug Major Use macchinina as a template for failing tests
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9533 Bug Major gateway of public IP is not handled correctly when parsing
4.9 #1701 CLOUDSTACK-9534 Bug Major Allow users to destroy VR when in running state
4.9 #1702 CLOUDSTACK-9535 Improvement Major [API] listVMSnapshots improvement
4.9 #1710 CLOUDSTACK-9538 Bug Major Deleting Snapshot From Primary Storage Fails on RBD Storag
4.9 #1742 CLOUDSTACK-9544 Bug Major Account API keys vulnerability in Cloudstack with possible
4.9 #1712 CLOUDSTACK-9550 Bug Major Metrics view does not filter items based on zone/cluster/h
4.9 #1728 CLOUDSTACK-9551 Bug Major Pull KVM agent’s tmp folder usage within its own folder st
4.9 #1713 CLOUDSTACK-9552 Bug Major KVM Security Groups do not allow DNS over TCP egress
4.9 #1714 CLOUDSTACK-9553 Bug Major Usage event is not getting recorded for snapshots in a spe
4.9 #1715 CLOUDSTACK-9554 Bug Major Juniper Contrail plug-in is publishing events to wrong mes
4.9 #1737 CLOUDSTACK-9561 Bug Major After domain/account deletion, snapshot taken by the domai
4.9 #1729 CLOUDSTACK-9564 Bug Major Fix memory leak in VmwareContextPool
4.9 #1731 CLOUDSTACK-9565 Bug Major Fix intermittent failure in oobm test test_oobm_zchange_pa
4.9 #1738 CLOUDSTACK-9566 Bug Major instance-id metadata for baremetal VM returns ID
4.9 #1757 CLOUDSTACK-9583 Bug Major VR: In preseed both hostaname and localhost to r
4.9 #1755 CLOUDSTACK-9584 Bug Major Increase component tests coverage in Travis run
4.9 #1766 CLOUDSTACK-9598 Bug Major wrong defaut gateway in guest VM with nics in isolated and
4.9 #1791 CLOUDSTACK-9622 Improvement Trivial Localisation for ‘Project’ label on the top of Web UI
4.9 #1793 CLOUDSTACK-9624 Bug Major Incorrect hypervisor mapping of guest os Windows 2008 Serv
4.9 #1796 CLOUDSTACK-9626 Bug Major Instance fails to start after unsuccesful compute offering
4.9 #1799 CLOUDSTACK-9632 Bug Major Upgrade bountycastle to 1.55+
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9634 Bug Major fix marvin test test_router_dhcp_opts failure
4.9 #1802 CLOUDSTACK-9635 Bug Major fix
4.9   CLOUDSTACK-9636 Bug Major The host alerts box should be named as hosts in Alerts.
4.9 #1805 CLOUDSTACK-9637 Bug Major Template create from snapshot does not populate vm_templat
4.9 #1809 CLOUDSTACK-9646 Bug Critical [Usage] No usage is generated for uploaded templates/volum
4.9 #1808 CLOUDSTACK-9648 Bug Major Checkstyle module version fails to update by
4.9 #1817 CLOUDSTACK-9654 Bug Major Missing hypervisor mapping of various SUSE Linux guest os
4.9 #1820 CLOUDSTACK-9656 Bug Blocker Usage does not gather if you have a project with usage
4.9 #1821 CLOUDSTACK-9659 Bug Major mismatch in traffic type in ip_associations.json and ips.j

Issues Fixed in 4.9.0

Branches Github Jira Type Priority Description
4.9 #1616       Added missing rules on router config, fixed ordering of multiple rules
4.9 #1613 CLOUDSTACK-9436 Bug Major vm_network_map table cleanup on expunge command
4.9 #1583       Update L10N resource files with 4.9 strings from Transifex (20160607)
4.9 #1610       Packaging: Add db.X.driver=jdbc:mysql to on upgrade
4.9 #1609 CLOUDSTACK-9430 Bug Major Adding a network ACL rule adds it in the wrong order for VPCs
4.9 #1608       Cleanup RBD contexts after exceptions to prevent potential agent crash
4.9 #1601 CLOUDSTACK-9348 Bug Major CloudStack Server degrades when a lot of connections on port 8250
4.9 #1595       UI: Show resize volume button to all users
4.9 #1455 CLOUDSTACK-9328 Test Major Fix VLAN issues from test suite in BVT
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1480 CLOUDSTACK-9342 Bug Critical PFS not being set correctly for S2S VPN Tunnel
4.9 #1598 CLOUDSTACK-9423 Bug Major Object storage should get the correct size for compressed templates
4.9 #1547       Fixes for VirtualRouters in Basic Networking, especially with multiple ranges in VLANs
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1596 CLOUDSTACK-9353 Bug Critical NullPointerException when migrating VMs with local storage
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1581 CLOUDSTACK-9404 Bug Major Network ACL rules in VPCs are applied in an inverted order
4.9 #1585 CLOUDSTACK-9399 Bug Major NullPointerException when deleting Host
4.9 #1584 CLOUDSTACK-9409 Bug Blocker Usage server fails to work with 4.9 due to missing role_id column
4.9 #1574       Make sure that the DB drivers are loaded before creating connections
4.9 #1570       Travis: Use ipmitool from Ubuntu repository
4.9 #1569       Fix noredist build because of missing maven dependency of vmware 6.0 lib
4.9 #1423 CLOUDSTACK-9296 Bug Major IPsec doesn’t get started when enabling client VPN gateway
4.9 #1251 CLOUDSTACK-9180 Bug Major Optimize concurrent VM deployment operation on same network
4.9 #1567 CLOUDSTACK-9238 Bug Major URL fields in database are to small. Cause malformed URLs
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1565       Add lsb-release dependency to mgmt server and agent on Debian/Ubuntu.
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1564       Emit template UUID and class type over event bus when deleting templates
4.9 #1561 CLOUDSTACK-9388 Test Major Remove string conversion in Assertion statement
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1471       Lower the time we wait for interfaces to appear
4.9 #1518 CLOUDSTACK-9368 Bug Major Fix for Support configurable NFS version for Secondary Storage mounts
4.9 #1424 CLOUDSTACK-8973 Bug Minor Unusual response when creating a template from a snapshot with Swift as secondary storage
4.9 #1360       Re-factor system VM default network creation
4.9 #1552       Add DHCP lease folders for Ubuntu
4.9 #1556       Hyper-V communication broken by change in variable names
4.9 #1553       Dynamically load drivers before creating our DB connections
4.9 #1297 CLOUDSTACK-9203 New Feature Minor [API] extend updateVirtualMachine to support updating security groups
4.9 #1550 CLOUDSTACK-9380 Bug Critical listDomains API returns NPE if there is a failure in deleting domains
4.9 #1494 CLOUDSTACK-9294 Bug Major Nuage Plugin: VR doesn’t get removed from the VSD when destroying a VPC
4.9 #1555       Add Java Default Certificate Authorities into the keystore if using a custom cert SSL
4.9 #1533       Convert patchviasocket to python (removes perl dependency for KVM agent)
4.9 #1503 CLOUDSTACK-9358 Bug Critical StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when publishing events
4.9 #956 CLOUDSTACK-8970 Bug Major CentOS 6.{1,2,3,4,5} guest OS mapping for VMware is not available
4.9 #846 CLOUDSTACK-8870 Bug Major External network device usage monitor runs even when there are no external devices
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1514 CLOUDSTACK-6975 Bug Major Service monitoring starts dnsmasq on backup router when using redundant VRs
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1410 CLOUDSTACK-6928 Bug Critical IOPS throttling setting isn’t applied to a dynamically attached volume
4.9 #1549 CLOUDSTACK-9348 Bug Major NioConnection improvements
4.9 #1523 CLOUDSTACK-9365 Bug Major updateVirtualMachine with userdata should not error when a VM is attached to multiple networks from which one or more doesn’t support userdata
4.9 #1403       Taking fast and efficient volume snapshots with XenServer (and your storage provider)
4.9 #1516 CLOUDSTACK-9366 Bug Major Disable a host also disables storage pool capacity
4.9 #1551       Dynamic Roles: packaging improvements
4.9 #1540 CLOUDSTACK-9377 Bug Major Metrics data incorrectly calculated in zone/cluster metrics view
4.9 #1414       SystemVM cleanups
4.8, 4.9 #1513 CLOUDSTACK-9362 Bug Major Migrating a VM using VXLANs and bridges fails
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1331       Fix Sync of in Swift
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1486       Re-implement router.redundant.vrrp.interval setting
4.9 #1532       DAO: Hit the cache for entity flagged as removed too
4.9 #1537       Remove extraneous log directory and add catalina.out log rotation
4.9 #1520       CPU socket count reporting correction
4.9 #1280 CLOUDSTACK-9199 Bug Major deployVirtualMachine API does not throw an error when cpunumber is specified for static compute offering
4.9 #1376       L10n update master 20160127
4.9 #1543       Fix Nio/CPU issue and CI failures
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1536       Honour GS use_ext_dns and redundant VR VIP
4.9 #1460 CLOUDSTACK-9334 Improvement Minor Support jenv and pyenv to manage Java and Python versions
4.9 #1444 CLOUDSTACK-8800 Bug Major Improve the listVirtualMachines API call to include memory utilization information for a VM
4.9 #1453       Remove classes with no references
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1456       writeIfNotHere requires an array of strings, not a string
4.9 #1385 CLOUDSTACK-9265 Bug Trivial Some java classes use commons-httpclient where httpcomponents is intended
4.9 #1528 CLOUDSTACK-9373 Bug Major Marvin issue with class and instance methods named the same
4.9 #816       Notify listeners when a host has been added to a cluster, is about to be removed from a cluster, or has been removed from a cluster
4.9 #1502 CLOUDSTACK-9299 New Feature Major Out-of-band Management for CloudStack
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1474       Handle private gateways more reliably
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1472       Apply static routes on change to master state
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1483 CLOUDSTACK-9287 Bug Critical As an User I want to use Private Gateways with Redundant VPCs
4.9 #1489 CLOUDSTACK-8562 New Feature Major User Definable Roles
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1477       When no zone name is available display a default
4.9 #880 CLOUDSTACK-8901 Bug Major PrepareTemplate job thread hard-coded to max 8 threads
4.9 #1529       Marvin: Replace a timer.sleep(30) with pulling logic
4.9 #1466 CLOUDSTACK-9340 Improvement Major General DB Optimization
4.9 #1488       Agent: Enable IPv6 connectivity for KVM Agent to Management Server
4.9 #1054 CLOUDSTACK-8818 Improvement Major Python scripts should depend on mysql.connector instead of MySQLdb
4.9 #1428 CLOUDSTACK-9300 Bug Minor MySQL HA feature StaticStrategy throws exception
4.9 #1440       Removed Unused Void Class
4.9 #1497 CLOUDSTACK-9351 Improvement Major Add ids parameter to resource listing API calls
4.9 #1496 CLOUDSTACK-9350 Bug Major Local storage hosts get HA tasks, cause issues
4.9 #1124       CID-1338387: Deletion of method endPointSelector.selectHypervisorHost
4.8, 4.9 #1515       L10n update 4.8 20160422
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1527       Update L10N resource files with 4.7 strings from Transifex (20160502)
4.9 #1408       KVM: Acquire lock when running security group Python script
4.9 #1463 CLOUDSTACK-9336 Bug Trivial Run only in (normal) routers
4.9 #1350       Quota: Consolidated lockable account check to a method.
4.9 #1230 CLOUDSTACK-8302 Bug Critical Cleanup snapshot on KVM with RBD
4.9 #1433 CLOUDSTACK-9305 Bug Major CloudStack Usage breaks with DB HA
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1485       Set default networkDomain to empty instead of username
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1473       Bump ssh retries to prevent false positives of test_loadbalance
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1321 CLOUDSTACK-8847 Bug Major ListServiceOfferings is returning incompatible tagged offerings when called with VM id
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1490       Installing bzip2 since it is required for extracting templates
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1365       [4.7] VMware: Improve support for disks
4.9 #1409 CLOUDSTACK-9283 Bug Major cloudstack-usage fails to start throwing Integer exception during PID
4.9 #1517       Engine/Schema: Fix upgrade path to work with MySQL 5.7
4.9 #1454 CLOUDSTACK-9323 Bug Major Canceling host maintenance results in “Internal error canceling maintenance.”
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1500 CLOUDSTACK-9349 Bug Minor Unable to detach root volume when using Hypervisor Type KVM
4.9 #1270 CLOUDSTACK-9194 Bug Major Allow re-sizable windows in IE for VM console
4.9 #1522       Log asynchronous responses in the API log
4.9 #1510       4.9 mvn version safeupgradeonly
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1348 CLOUDSTACK-9142 Bug Critical Migrate VM changes xmlDesc in an unsafe way
4.9 #826       Fixed: Error given when creating VPN user in one network if VR for an other network is stopped.
4.9 #1498 CLOUDSTACK-9352 Test Minor Test fails in Windows as the file separator “/” is different from “”
4.9 #1458 CLOUDSTACK-9331 Bug Major Automation: Prepare and add the baremetal cfg to marvin/config folder &marvin frame work changes to support baremetal advanced testcase
4.9 #1452 CLOUDSTACK-9322 Task Major Support for Internal LB functionality with Nuage VSP SDN Plugin including Marvin test coverage
4.9 #1271 CLOUDSTACK-9164 Bug Major Consoleproxy does not prevent Firefox Quicksearch when typing slash
4.9 #713 CLOUDSTACK-8745 Bug Major After a volume is migrated; the usage table still shows the old volume id
4.9 #1459 CLOUDSTACK-8611 Bug Major CS waits indefinitely for CheckS2SVpnConnectionsCommand to return
4.9 #1308       Test to create VPN customer gateway with hostname
4.9 #1326       New test to validate starting VM after NIC removal and attach
4.9 #1126 CLOUDSTACK-9088 Bug Major migrateto parameter associated with migrateVirtualMachineWithVolume API needs an example
4.9 #1323 CLOUDSTACK-9218 Test Major Test to verify restart network after master VR destroyed
4.9 #1501       Fixing an issue in Marvin around creating a template from a snapshot
4.9 #1200 CLOUDSTACK-9130 Bug Major Make RebootCommand similar to start/stop/migrate agent commands w.r.t. “execute in sequence” flag
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1505 CLOUDSTACK-9172 Bug Major Templates registered with CrossZones cannot be deleted in UI
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1402       Check the existence of forceencap parameter before use
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1420       systemvm: preserve file permissions, set default umask
4.9 #1157 CLOUDSTACK-9100 Bug Major ISO.CREATE/TEMPLATE.CREATE event missing for usage_event by template sync thread
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1398 CLOUDSTACK-9270 Bug Major UI alignment gone bad in multiple places - VM Instance, Network, Egress rules
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1399 CLOUDSTACK-9272 Bug Major No option in UI to add GSLB with service type “HTTP”
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1394 CLOUDSTACK-9268 Bug Major Display VM in Load balancing rule in UI
4.9 #1262       Removed unnecessary code from getGuestOsType in CitrixResourceBase
4.9 #1363 CLOUDSTACK-9251 Bug Major Error while change instance offering to custom offering
4.9 #1263       Removed unused code from
4.9 #1445       Fixed Profiler’s unit tests bugs.
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1487       Speedup iptables by prefetching the variables
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1479 CLOUDSTACK-9285 Bug Blocker CloudStack 4.8 can’t connect to XEN and KVM hosts
4.9 #1287       SecurityGroupRulesCmd code cleanup
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1422       Improve ordering of fields of VPC router detail tab
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1441 CLOUDSTACK-9297 Bug Major Delete snapshot without id is failing with Unable to determine the storage pool of the snapshot
4.9 #1462 CLOUDSTACK-9335 Bug Minor CloudStack UI has a typo and does not send fetchlatest=true correctly to listCapacity
4.9 #1316 CLOUDSTACK-9215 Test Major Marvin test to check VM deployment in VPC tier if NIC type is vmxnet3
4.9 #1481       Travis: Increase build verbosity
4.9 #1457 CLOUDSTACK-9333 Bug Major Exclude clusters from OVF operations
4.9 #1254 CLOUDSTACK-9174 Bug Critical Quota Service: When a account/user is deleted with low quota, quota service still tries to alert the user resulting in NPE
4.9 #1461       Travis: Fix simulator tests and optimize default global configs
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1332       Add ability to download templates in Swift
4.9 #1425 CLOUDSTACK-9298 Improvement Major Improve performance of resource retrieval that have tags associated and target volumes, VMs and templates
4.9 #1438       Fix new error found in findbugs slow build #3455
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1430 CLOUDSTACK-9285 Bug Blocker CloudStack 4.8 can’t connect to XEN and KVM hosts
4.9 #1431 CLOUDSTACK-9304 Task Major Add nuagevsp userdata testcase (Cloudstack-9095) & Refactor existing testcases
4.9 #1434       Change variable ROOK_DISK_CONTROLLER to ROOT_DISK_CONTROLLER
4.9 #1426       ADD be explicit about the underlying limitation - OpenSwan
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1390 CLOUDSTACK-9267 Bug Major String is not localized on create instance wizards.
4.9 #1078 CLOUDSTACK-9066 Improvement Major Update testpath to delete account after deleting VM’s of that account
4.9 #1361 CLOUDSTACK-9252 Bug Major Support configurable NFS version for Secondary Storage mounts
4.9 #1218 CLOUDSTACK-9140 Test Major Testcase to verify if Dedicated cluster is used for virtual routers that belong to non-dedicated account
4.9 #1310 CLOUDSTACK-9211 Bug Major Support passing vRAM size over to Esxi hypervisor to support 3D GPU on VMware
4.9 #1031 CLOUDSTACK-9026 Improvement Major Modifying testpath for adding missing parameter
4.9 #1130 CLOUDSTACK-9091 Improvement Major Update testpath for parameter issues
4.9 #1199 CLOUDSTACK-9128 Bug Major Testcase to verify if snapshot_store_ref table stores actual size of back snapshot in secondary storage
4.9 #684 CLOUDSTACK-8728 Test Major Testcase to Verify if VRs IP changes if it is destroyed and re-created in Basic Zone
4.9 #1190 CLOUDSTACK-9121 Improvement Major Adding VmSnapshot validation in
4.9 #869 CLOUDSTACK-8895 Test Major Verify if storage can be selected when attaching uploaded data volume to VM
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1386 CLOUDSTACK-9266 Bug Critical Delete static route on private gateway doesn’t actually delete it on the router
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1383 CLOUDSTACK-9264 Bug Critical Create of /32 static route on private gateway fails
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1384       Display hostname the VPC router runs on
4.9 #1387 CLOUDSTACK-8300 Bug Minor Add index on archived field in cloud.event table
4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1342 CLOUDSTACK-6181 New Feature Major Root resize
4.9 #1288       Trailing commas in javascripts removed
4.9 #1274 CLOUDSTACK-9196 Bug Major NullPointerException in some scenarios while syncing VM metadata
4.9 #1261       Removed unused variables from NetworkStateListener class
4.9 #1048 CLOUDSTACK-8731 Test Major Automation: Checking usage event generation for delete volume
4.9 #1044 CLOUDSTACK-5822 Bug Major SSH keypairs are removed after rebooting VM
4.9 #969       Fixed return type Void to void in DataMotionStrategy
4.9 #855       Removal of class AgentBasedStandaloneConsoleProxyManager
4.9 #831 CLOUDSTACK-8850 Bug Major revertSnapshot command does not work
4.9 #830 CLOUDSTACK-8858 Bug Major listVolumes API fails for a particular domain with NPE
4.9 #1256 CLOUDSTACK-9185 Bug Major [VMware DRS] VM sync failed with exception due to out-of-band changes
4.9 #1240 CLOUDSTACK-9161 Bug Critical Quota Service: Fix marvin test
4.9 #1289       Quota: findbug fixes
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1364 CLOUDSTACK-9256 Bug Major Static routes get lost after network restart
4.9 #1369       Set version to 4.9.0-SNAPSHOT in master branch
4.8, 4.9 #1368       Set version to 4.8.1-SNAPSHOT in 4.8 branch
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1367       Set version to 4.7.2-SNAPSHOT in 4.7 branch
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1358 CLOUDSTACK-9245 Improvement Major As an User I want to be able to delete non-attached ACL lists that contain items
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1362 CLOUDSTACK-9254 Bug Major Name of logged in user in UI is not always lined out properly
4.9 #1354       UI: improve filter dropdown width
4.7, 4.8, 4.9 #1356       More VR performance!