What’s New in 4.9

Version includes more than 190 commits and 100 issue fixes since the release.

The is part of the LTS 4.9.x releases. The 4.9 LTS branch is supported for 20 months, and will receives updates for first 14 months and only security updates in its last 6 months. The 4.9 LTS branch is supported till 1 June 2018.

A LOT changed in this release, so this is not a complete list, but here is a quick summary of some of the changes.


  • Several VR fixes
  • Snapshot improvements
  • Fixes router aggregation timeout
  • Packaging and upgrade improvements
  • Password server speedups
  • DB optimizations and improvements
  • Support for VMware 6.5
  • Improved metrics view performance
  • Added list of router(s) in network details tab
  • Power off VM when force stop is used to stop VMs
  • Hides credentials in listCluster response
  • Higher quality releases due to better QA automation, testing and code reviewing

Build dependency

When building Apache CloudStack with noredist, it now require the file deps/vim25_60.jar available from vSphere SDK 6.0, VMware-vSphere-SDK-6.0.0-3634981.zip.