Custom Hypervisor Installation

CloudStack allows adapting a new hypervisor plugin that may be developed privately.

The new hypervisor type is internally named Custom to the CloudStack services.

The setting ‘’ allows administrators to set the display name of the hypervisor type. The display name will be shown in the CloudStack UI and API.

  • In case the ‘hypervisor.list’ setting contains the display name of the new hypervisor type, the setting value is automatically updated after the ‘’ setting is updated.

The custom hypervisor type supports:

  • Direct downloads (the ability to download templates into primary storage from the hypervisor hosts without using secondary storage)

  • Local storage (use hypervisor hosts local storage as primary storage)

  • Template format: RAW format (the templates to be registered on the new hypervisor type must be in RAW format)

The UI is also extended to display the new hypervisor type and the supported features listed above.